My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 960

Chapter 960 Lost A Part

Rosalie sighed at her best friend’s questions. “It’s a long story.”

Mary took the little ones into the living room and skipped the formalities. ’ Then tell me slowly. But before that, feed me.”

She came over as soon as she got up, and she was about to starve to death.

Rosalie took the extra sandwiches she made just now to fill her friend’s stomach.

While Mary ate, Rosalie recalled their experience yesterday.

When she heard that the little ones were infected with bacteria yesterday, she felt as if the sandwich in her mouth had instantly turned bad.

“Who dares to do this to my godsons?!”

‘And they caused them unbearable pain at that!’

Mary hugged the little ones beside her in distress as she thought of the pain they endured yesterday.

The boys knew that their godmother loved them and said sensibly, ’ Godmother, don’t worry. We’re all okay now!”

The boys even jumped up and down a few times as if to physically prove they were alright.

Estie was still unfamiliar with Mary, so she timidly stood beside Rosalie. However, before she could react, Mary snuggled her into her arms.

“Such a cute little doll. How could they even bear to do that to her?!” Mary lamented bitterly.

Although this little girl in her arms was Byron’s daughter, she had an irresistibly lovable face.

The thought that someone would make such a cute little girl suffer made Mary want to find that person and cut them into pieces.

Rosalie was at a loss for words and did not expect her best friend to be even angrier than herself.

After Mary had hugged the sweet doll-like Estie long enough, she let go reluctantly and raised her eyes to look at her best friend. “Do you have any clues about who did this?”

Rosalie nodded, then shook her head.

Mary was puzzled.

“It’s just a speculation, and I didn’t find anything useful.” Rosalie did not intend to hide things from her best friend and briefly explained what she had just done.

Mary said without hesitation, ‘TH take a look at it with you. I’ve met quite a few people in Coast City over the years.”

Rosalie took up the offer. She quickly gave some reminders to the kids, then went upstairs with Mary.

In the study.

Mary looked at the remaining four research institutes that were listed and raised her brows slightly. “I’ve worked with all of them.”

The implication was that she could help with the investigation.

Rosalie’s eyes brightened.

Mary did not need her to say more. She got up and went to the side to make a phone call. She made three calls in a row, but nothing abnormal was found.

Rosalie could somewhat guess the result by listening to the conversations.

Only the last institute remained.

With no intentions of retreating, the two ladies made the phone call to the last institute.

“Really? When did it get lost?”

After a few moments, Mary cut to the chase and asked about the bacteria. She quickly got an answer from the other party.

Their institute did study that kind of bacteria, and they lost some samples. Hearing her best friend’s words, Rosalie’s eyes suddenly lit up. She frowned in Mary’s direction.

Mary’s face was solemn, and she was still asking for details.

Aware of her best friend’s gaze, Mary turned around and walked to her side. She then put the call on speaker.

The voice from the other end quickly reached Rosalie’s ears.

“The development of this kind of bacteria is very complicated. The cost and the development difficulty are also high. Coupled with the fact that the bacteria strain is dangerous, we attach great importance to this. Half a month ago, we finally developed a batch of new strains and were ready to invest in research, but we lost a part of it.”

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