My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 961

Chapter 961 Why Can’t I Find Out

Once they heard what the person on the other side said, Rosalie and Mary, looked at each other with suspicion in each other’s eyes.

They had asked almost all the research institutes in Coast City that had been qualified to develop this kind of bacteria. Only this one confirmed a loss of bacteria strains.

Moreover, from half a month ago until now, as long as the bacteria was stored properly, it can remain active!

Realizing this, Mary asked without hesitation, “How did the bacteria get lost? Did you find anything now?”

The other side did not disappoint and said bluntly, “It must be taken by a researcher.”

Mary was puzzled.

“Although there was no definite evidence, we came to the same speculation. Two days after the bacteria was lost, that researcher suddenly resigned, and we have no news of her after that.”

This time, Rosalie took the lead before Mary spoke “What’s the name of that researcher?”

The other side seemed to be a little confused about the sudden change, and after a few seconds, he answered. “Ms. Nancy Gray.”

Rosalie acknowledged. “I see, thank you.”

Mary also expressed her thanks, ‘TH treat you the next time we meet.”

The other end exchanged some pleasantries before they hung up the phone.

Mary put away the phone.

They thought of the man’s words just now, their faces were solemn. They had clues, and also the name of the staff member who stole the bacteria.

The next investigation will be much simpler, especially, when they also have Nox’s hacking skills.

The two looked at each other, Rosalie got up and went downstairs and called Nox up.

‘Mommy, what’s the matter?” With a puzzled face, the little boy was summoned behind the desk by his mommy.

Rosalie tapped the computer screen. “Help Mommy check this person.”

The little boy heard this and instantly turned serious as he looked at the computer in front of him with a stern face.

Rosalie told the little guy what she knew. After that, she realized that what she knew seemed useless. She only had the name Nancy Gray and the fact that this person once worked in that research institute.

“If you can’t find it, forget it, Mommy will think of a way.” She didn’t want to put too much pressure on the little boy.

Nox looked at her mommy with a puzzled face. “Why can’t I find out?”

This information already made things very easy for him. After that, the little boy turned his head to look at the computer screen, and his little hands flew over the keyboard.

After a while, he hacked into the research institute database and recalled the information that Nancy Gray had left at the research institute.

According to the data, he found out about Nancy’s recent movements.

In the end, the little boy raised his eyes and looked at his mommy. “This person went abroad two days ago, what more do you want to know about her, Mommy? I can be more specific.”

After speaking, his little hand was placed on the keyboard again.

Rosalie and Mary still haven’t recovered. They both knew that Nox had incredible computer talent. However, this was the first time they had seen the little boy in action.

As the little boy was about to continue the investigation, Rosalie came back to her senses and said softly, “It’s alright.”

Nox obediently stopped, “Why did Mommy want to investigate her?”

Rosalie would not tell the little boy the truth, and just said, “I want to ask her about some things.”

After that, Rosalie raised her eyes and glanced at the information about Nancy found by the little guy.

Nancy’s information was obtained in almost every minute detail. For her, that was enough.

“Thank you, my baby.” She smiled and patted the little boy’s head.

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