My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 963

Chapter 963 Who Asked You To Follow

At the same time, Byron also asked Luther to investigate the matter.

With the Lawrence Corporation’s financial resources, the investigation was effortless.

Within an hour, the private detective was brought to the Lawrence Corporation by Luther. The private detective realized that something was wrong when he was taken to the entrance of the Lawrence Corporation.

“Boss… What did I do wrong? Why did you bring me here?”

Luther glanced at him coldly, “You’re wrong. I’m not the boss, you’ll meet the real boss soon, just wait.”

As he heard these words, the private detective’s legs trembled subtly.

All he could think of was Byron Lawrence, the boss of the Lawrence Corporation.

When he followed Rosalie according to Wendy’s instructions, he did see Rosalie in contact with Byron. However, he never thought much about it.

After all, he just took a few photos to make some quick money, and never did anything out of bounds. He never expected that he would be caught by Byron today…

He thought of Byron’s reputation in the industry, he could not help but shudder.

Soon, the elevator stopped at the top floor, and Luther led the man into the president’s office.

“Master, I brought him here.”

In the office, expressionless, Byron was dealing with his work. Hearing this, the man stopped what he was doing and looked up.

He did not speak immediately, just glanced up and down at the person in front of him.

The private detective felt his legs immediately go weak, and he did not kneel on the ground with the support of his shaky willpower.

“Pre… President Lawrence.”

Byron stopped to look coldly at him. “Name.”

The private detective trembled in his heart, ‘If he had already sent someone to detain me here, then how could he not know my name?’

Since Byron asked, he had to bite the bullet and answer, “Kevin…Kevin Grimes.”

Byron nodded expressionlessly. ‘This period you have been following a woman.”

Not a question, but an affirmation.

Kevin only felt a sudden sense of oppression, and suddenly, his back was covered in a cold sweat.

In the face of Byron’s affirmative tone, he did not dare to deny it.

After a long while, he stammered, “I’m following her, but… I just took some photos, nothing else!”

Byron frowned slightly; he believed that what this person said was true.

However, since the man did not do it, he would also know who did.

“Someone put something in that woman’s cup yesterday, who is it?”

Kevin suddenly remembered Wendy did a series of actions yesterday and the pain on the two little kids’ faces after she left.

In hindsight, Kevin finally realized that he was implicated by Wendy.

‘However, I witnessed everything Wendy did, but did not stop her.’

‘If Byron knew, I am afraid that I would not be able to wash my hands of this!’

‘But, if I don’t expose Wendy, Byron may not let me go…’

For a while, Kevin’s conscience swayed off balance.

Byron saw his hesitation, his eyes sank suddenly, and the atmosphere around him dropped to freezing point.

“Or, let me change the question, who asked you to follow her?”

Kevin’s heart trembled, and he finally made up his mind and replied, “No one.”

‘I had worked too hard for all this to not get paid a penny!’

‘Even if Byron finds out something and settles the score with me in the future, at least I will get the money for this one.’

‘But if I ratted Wendy out like this, I am afraid that I would lose everything!’

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