My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 969

Chapter 969 Slip Of The Tongue

Ten minutes ago.

Mrs. Zora was instructing someone to clean up when she suddenly heard the doorbell. As soon as she opened the door, she saw Madam with an ugly expression.

Before she could say hello, Melody spoke first. “Where’s Estie? Call Estie out and tell her Grandma is here.”

Mrs. Zora looked troubled.

The little lady has not been at the manor these days. She thought the little girl was staying in the family mansion.

However, from Melody’s attitude now, Mrs. Zora understood that the little lady was with the young madam.

As for the expression on Madam’s face, she had found out and was annoyed by it.

As a servant, Mrs. Zora was speechless about how to answer, so she offered. ‘TH ask the young master to come down.”

After that, she planned to ask the Young Master for help.

But just after taking two steps, Melody stopped her and insisted. “I want to see Estie, if she doesn’t come down, I’ll go upstairs myself.”

With that said, she lifted her foot upstairs.

Mrs. Zora had no choice but to lie that she was going to call the little lady, and then she went down with Byron.

Byron sat next to his mother, knowing that he could no longer hide it, and answered calmly. “Estie is not in the manor.”

Melody’s face became even more upset. “What do you mean?”

“Estie is not in the manor now, and you can’t see her now,’ Byron repeated indifferently.

As soon as he finished speaking, his mother suddenly slammed down the teacup in her hand. The cup collided with the coffee table, making a crisp sound.

“Where is she?”

Melody had an answer in her heart, but she still wanted to hear him say it.

Byron frowned deeply.

“Is she there with that Jacobs woman?!”

When Melody saw that he still kept quiet, she felt even more enraged. “This woman made our baby Estie suffer so much pain, and yet you still left Estie with her!”

Byron’s eyebrows twitched suddenly, and he looked up at his mother upon hearing these words.

He asked why Melody would come here out of the blue today, and specifically indicated that she wanted to see Estie.

From her words, she already knew about Estie’s bacterial infection from camping.

Byron’s face sank. “How did you know?”

‘Not many people knew about it, and only the five of them had a connection with his mother.’

‘Rosalie would never take the initiative to tell my mother about this, and it was even more impossible for the three little kids to say so.’

‘Apart from them, there is only the private detective, and the person behind this.’

Byron thought about this, and his gaze became very sharp.

Melody realized what she had said later, and there was a faint trace of remorse in her eyes.

She promised Wendy that she would not say anything about it.

‘But, it was a slip of the tongue…’

Melody calmed down for a few seconds, and said casually, “Why wouldn’t I know? Isn’t it all that woman’s fault, that Estie has suffered so much over

the years?”

In other words, the pain and suffering she mentioned earlier refer to Rosalie’s abandonment of Estie.

Byron would not give in to being pushed around by his mother, so he asked coldly. “Then why do you want to see Estie as soon as you enter the door?”

Melody choked again, and after a while, she glanced at her son in displeasure. “Well, I heard that Estie has not been in the Lawrence Manor these few days, so I got worried. What’s the problem with that?”

After that, she asked arrogantly, trying to flip the script. “I want to ask you in return, that woman abandoned Estie back then, and we worked so hard to raise Estie. Now that she is better, you just blindly serve your daughter on a platter to that woman, what were you thinking?!’

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