My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 970

Chapter 970 I Can’t Control Your Business ’Or… Do you want to give Estie’s custody back to her?’ Melody went straight to the possibility of remarriage between the two.

Byron heard this, and his eyebrows twitched slightly.

Melody said to herself, “I watched Estie grow up, and I will never allow you to hand her over to others!”

Byron watched his mother’s words spiral out of bounds, he pressed his temples to calm his headache and spoke calmly.

“It’s not what you think. Two days ago, Estie was infected with bacteria and fell ill. Now she is recuperating at Miss Jacobs’.”

He did not believe a single word of Melody’s arrogant remarks just now. Instead, he felt that his mother knew what happened two days ago.

There was nothing to hide right now.

With his blunt frankness, Melody finally had a legitimate reason to get angry.

“Estie is sick, why didn’t you tell me about such a big thing?! You even put her with Rosalie Jacobs!”

Byron frowned and said nothing. On this matter, he never bothered to argue with his mother.

“That woman abandoned Estie before, and everytime Estie is with her, nothing good happens! How dare you let them stay together?! If you don’t feel worried, I’m worried!”

Melody was annoyed. “I don’t care what you think, go get Estie back now! If you don’t want to raise her anymore, give Estie to me and let me raise her!”

Byron did not know what he said to make his mother think that he did not want to raise Estie. He could only explain patiently after seeing his mother’s irreparable fury.

“Estie is still in the recovery period. Everything else aside, Miss Jacobs’ medical skills are solid. Placing Estie with Miss Jacobs will make me feel

at ease.”

Melody didn’t care, “With the financial resources of the Lawrence family, what kind of doctor can’t we find? Why must we use her? Bring Estie back, and I’ll find the best doctor to treat her!”

Byron stopped talking.

From her son’s silent rejection, Melody’s expression darkened to the end.’ If you still want to remarry that woman, I advise you to get rid of this thought as soon as possible. As long as I am still alive, I will never allow her to enter the Lawrence family again!”

“You think too much.” Byron finally opened his mouth.

Even if he wanted to, that woman would not agree.

Melody frowned in confusion.

Byron suppressed the irritability in his heart and explained again patiently. ’ Estie’s situation at that time was very urgent. Thanks to Miss Jacobs’ timely preparation of traditional medicine prescription, her symptoms were relieved. I just feel that no one knows Estie’s situation better than her.”

This reason made sense.

However, Melody still remembered that it was because of Rosalie that the little one got sick. Therefore, when she heard this reason, her face did not change.

“Putting Estie on her side is the safest way. When Estie fully recovers, I will definitely bring her home.” Byron promised in a deep voice.

After all that, her son still did not plan to take Little Estie home.

Melody was very angry, but she did not plan to talk to him anymore.

‘If he doesn’t pick Estie up, no big deal, I’ll go pick her up myself!’

‘Anyway, I know where that woman lives!’

With this thought in mind, Melody suppressed the anger in her heart and pretended to stand up calmly. “Fine, up to you, I can’t control your business anymore!”

After that, she strode out of the manor without looking back, putting on a jaded and defeated demeanor.

Byron looked at the back of his mother leaving and felt a little strange, but he could not think of a reason why, so he let it go.

At the same time, Melody came out of the manor and drove straight to Rosalie’s house.

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