My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 971

Chapter 971 Have You Recovered?

Rosalie was preparing lunch with the little ones.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Rosalie thought it was Byron paying the little ones a visit or Mary visiting her to gossip more about what happened between her and Byron. So, she put down the stuff in her hands and answered the door.

However, the person at the door made her freeze on the spot.

“Long time no see.”

Melody was the one who broke the silence as she observed Rosalie.

Rosalie snapped out of her shocked state and greeted Melody as she drooped her eyes, “Mrs. Lawrence.”

Melody answered coldly, “Well, let the guess stand outside the door for so long. Is that how you treat your guest?”

Rosalie frowned and looked at Melody warily.

What Melody did to the research institute last time was still fresh in Rosalie’s mind!

They had not seen each other since then.

So, Rosalie had no idea why Melody came looking for her this time.


Subconsciously, Rosalie thought of Estelle, who was still at her house.

The last time Melody had done that to the research institute was because she and Estelle were too close.

Rosalie could not imagine what Melody would do if she saw Estelle in her house.

On second thought, perhaps Melody was in her house because she already knew about it.

With that thought in mind, Rosalie tilted her body and invited Melody in.”

Please come in.”

Melody walked into the house coldly and glanced at the living room as she asked, “Where is Estie?”

Rosalie’s heart skipped a beat. As expected, Melody knew Estelle was with her.

Before Rosalie could answer, the three little ones ran out of the kitchen.

The little ones thought it was Byron, and they had broad smiles.

However, their smile froze when they saw the person on the sofa.

“Grandma…” Estelle greeted Melody hesitantly.

She remembered that her grandma seemed to dislike Rosalie.

Also, her grandma’s expression looked displeased…

Melody saw the little girl and observed her, making sure nothing strange had happened. Relieved, Melody beckoned Estelle. “Estie, come to grandma.”

The little girl looked at her hesitantly and did not move.

Melody frowned slightly. “Come quickly.”

After saying that, she looked at Rosalie with displeasure. She felt Estelle was not listening to her anymore because of Rosalie.

Noticing her grandma’s sight was on Rosalie, the little one was afraid her grandma might be mad at Rosalie and walked slowly toward her.

Melody cuddled the little girl in her arms and checked her. “Grandma heard that you are sick. Have you recovered?”

The little girl looked at Rosalie subconsciously.

Rosalie smiled at Estelle, trying to appease her. Then, she said gently,” Estie has recuperated for a week and has recovered.”

Melody ordered upon hearing that, “Well then. Let’s go home, Estie.”

Estelle’s brows furrowed when she heard that. She seemed displeased with her grandma’s decision.

Melody knew what was on Estelle’s mind. Knowing that she could not convince Estelle, she looked at Rosalie instead.

“Byron said it was you, Miss Jacobs, who took care of Estie. Estie recovered, thanks to your care. At this moment, she’s completely fine, and

I want to take her back home. I’m sure you are all right with that, right?”

There was no trace of gratitude in her words.

Estelle was ill because of Rosalie.

Moreover, to Melody, it was Rosalie’s duty as Estelle’s birth mother to take care of Estelle when Estelle was ill.

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