My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 974

Chapter 974 For Four

Melody had taken Estelle away, and they could do nothing.

Rosalie could only take the little ones back to the villa.

The lunch, made by the three kids together, ended up being made by Rosalie alone.

Rosalie prepared the lunch absent-mindedly, with complicated feelings surging in her. She called the little boys to have lunch.

However, there was no response from them even after she called twice.

So, Rosalie approached the little boys in a puzzle.

The two little ones sat absent-mindedly on the carpet in front of an unmoved Lego model.

“What’s on your mind?”

When Rosalie saw the little ones were depressed, she squatted before them with concern.

Then, the little ones came to their senses and looked at each other without speaking.

They were thinking about what grandma had said.

The little ones were so preoccupied with getting their little sister back that they had no time for their emotions.

However, grandma had gone away with Estelle, and the little ones were sad about what had happened.

Melody was their grandma, but she refused to recognize them. She even told Estelle they were not her brothers.

“Mommy, can we still play with Estie?”

Nox could not help asking.

Rosalie was slightly startled upon hearing Nox’s question, but she was not sure either.

According to Melody’s temperament, Rosalie even felt Melody would transfer Estelle to another school after they leave.

She might even ask the kindergarten to expel Lucian and Nox like Wendy.

Rosalie could not tell her little boys what was on her mind when she looked at their hopeful expressions.

“Of course,” She forced a smile at the little ones.

Lucian’s eyes drooped. He doubted his Mommy’s words and was disappointed. “However, grandma doesn’t like US and stopped Estie from calling US brothers.”

The little ones complained that Melody did not take them as her grandsons.

Rosalie thought they were unhappy because Melody refused to let Estelle play with them.

“It doesn’t matter what she says, as long as Estie likes you.”

She stroked the little ones’ heads, trying to comfort them. “She would remember that you are so good to her and so fond of her. Even if you cannot meet now, she will play with you in the future.”

The little ones looked at her in disbelief. “Really?”

Rosalie nodded with a smile, “Mommy believes Estie likes you just like you like her.”

Finally, the little ones cheered up a little.

Rosalie said, “Okay. Quickly get up and est. The dishes are getting cold.”

The little ones got up obediently and sat down after her at the table.

Rosalie thought she had comforted the two little ones. However, when they ate, they were still visibly depressed.

“Still in a bad mood, huh?”

The little ones still remember what their grandma said, but they could not let their Mommy know.

Nox was flustered and did not know what excuse to use to brush off their Mommy.

Fortunately, Lucian reacted quickly and said, “This meal was supposed to be for four…”

Rosalie subconsciously looked at the table.

The meatballs Estelle loved to eat were still in the place, untouched.

Reminded by the little ones, Rosalie’s mood also sank.

However, she still managed to calm the little ones and gave them each a meatball.

“Since Estie can’t manage to eat with US, let’s have it on her behalf. It will be just like she is eating with US.” 1

The little ones looked at the extra four meatballs in their bowls and nodded obediently.

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