My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 977

Chapter 977 Feeling Guilty

“Estie, be a good girl. Grandma will carry you. Please don’t cry.”

Melody tried to coax the little one patiently.

Unexpectedly, the little one cried louder after Melody tried to coax her. She cried so hard that she was gasping for breath.

Seeing the uncontrollable situation, Melody reluctantly gave the little one to Byron. 1

When Estelle was in her father’s arms, her cry gradually faded, turning into a sob.

Looking at the little girl’s sad appearance, Byron did not have to ask her why she was crying.

His mother must have used despicable means to take the little girl back from Rosalie’s place forcefully.

‘You’ve spoiled her.”

Melody started to scold Byron in displease. ‘That woman was the heartless one years ago, yet you let Estelle get so close to her! How many times have I asked you to stay away from that woman? Well, look! Estie is now reluctant to go back home now.”

Although the little girl did not know what grandma was talking about, she could sense that grandma was telling her Daddy bad things about auntie.

Realizing this, the little girl grabbed her father’s shirt and said, Ì want auntie…”

Melody got more dissatisfied. “Why do you want her? She doesn’t even want you…”

Byron interrupted before Melody could say more.

“Mrs. Zora, take Estelle upstairs.”

Mrs. Zora approached quickly, but she hesitated to carry Estelle.

The little one was crying so much that she was worried the little one would refuse to let her carry her.

Fortunately, Estelle refused to listen to her grandma scolding her auntie. So, she obediently got into Mrs. Zora’s arms when she saw her.

Mrs. Zora only felt distressed and helpless when she felt Estelle sobbing in her embrace.

It was an adult’s matter, yet a kid had to suffer all the misery…

Melody was startled by Byron’s temperament. She was in a daze until Mrs. Zora carried Estelle upstairs.

Byron did not want Estelle to hear what Melody had said.

Realizing this, Melody’s face turned gloomy.

“Estelle should know this. Do you think you can hide this from her forever just by asking Mrs. Zora to take her back to her room?”

Melody continued. “You might be able to hide it from her for some time. However, Estelle will grow up to know the auntie she liked most was her mother, who had given birth to her and abandoned her. Do you expect her to accept that readily, then?”

Byron could not stand his stubborn mother. “I’ve told you there may be some misunderstanding in this matter, but I have not investigated it.” 1

As soon as he finished, he heard his mother’s prejudiced words. “What misunderstanding? The facts are right before us! Compared to that Jacobs woman, Wendy is…”

“I have my judgment about Wendy,” Byron cut her words short.

He knew Melody would only be saying something nice about Wendy even if he let her continue.

Melody frowned and wanted to say more, but she was keenly aware of the changes in her son’s mood.

Byron gazed at her deeply.

“Well, about you, you know Estie’s condition, and you still chose to take Estie back from Rosalie’s place forcefully. Have you ever considered

Estie’s health might worsen?”

Rosalie had said the same thing at her place, but Melody had chosen to ignore Rosalie.

It was she unable to accept Rosalie would be worried about Estelle’s health condition.

Now hearing her son mentioning it, Melody felt guilty.

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