My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 979

Chapter 979 Suspect Anyone

After comforting Estelle, Byron walked out of her room.

While walking back to his study, he recalled Melody’s attitude toward Estelle. He frowned as he took his phone.

He could imagine that his mother must have been unkind when she brought Estelle home. After all, Estelle had been crying so much.

However, Byron had no idea what Melody had said to Rosalie.

He could not ask Estelle because that might make her cry again.

After thinking about it, Byron felt he needed to call Rosalie.

If his mother had said something harsh, he could apologize on her behalf.

Rosalie had been having dreams in her nap because of Melody’s sudden visit.

In her dream, Estelle cried out for her, but Estelle was out of her reach.

The dream hurt so much that Rosalie still felt gloomy after waking up.

Before she could sober up, her phone on the desk rang.

Rosalie picked the phone up and saw it was a call from Byron.

She could only think of two possibilities since Byron called her at this hour.

He might have found out who the stalker was, or it was about Estelle.

Either way, there was no excuse for Rosalie not to pick up.

“I’m sorry.1′

Byron’s deep voice came from the other end of the call when the call went through.

Rosalie was still a little tired and was startled when she heard that apology from him. She could not figure out why he was apologizing.

Byron then added. “I did not ask her to bring Melody back.”

Only then did Rosalie snap out of her daze. Recalling the mean words Melody said to her and the apology call from Byron, Rosalie felt a strange feeling rising in her.

She could guess Byron had no intention of picking up Estelle yet.

Otherwise, Byron would be the one who appeared in her house instead of Melody.

However, she did not expect Byron to apologize to her.

“It’s okay, but Estie is crying.”

Rosalie skipped the topic of Melody’s mean attitude towards her and diverted the matter to Estelle.

Byron answered, “Estie had been crying when she was back. I told her she could still play with Lucian and Nox, so she is fine now.”

Rosalie was relieved upon hearing that. “Good to hear that.”

She knew how hard it was to coax Estelle. It was great that she was not crying anymore.

“My mom…”

Byron wanted to ask more, but Rosalie did not want to mention what had happened just now. So, she said, “Mrs. Lawrence is only concerned about Estie. I understand her intention.”

Since Rosalie had said so, it was difficult for Byron to ask anything more.

“Is there anything else you want to say, President Lawrence? I’ll hang up the call if you have done talking.”

Byron was unsure if it was him being sensitive or if Rosalie was trying to keep a distance from him. She sounded cold and distant.

He was a little displeased when he realized that.

Rosalie did not want to wait for Byron to answer and was about to hang up the call.

Melody’s words were harsh, and she did not want to recall them.

As soon as Rosalie wanted to hang up the call, she heard Byron speaking.

“Do you suspect anyone that might be the stalker following you?”

Rosalie placed the phone by her ear again.

She hesitated for a few seconds before answering, “No.”

The only person she had always suspected was Wendy. 1

However, Melody and Wendy’s goal was the same.

They wanted her to stay away from Byron.

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