My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 980

Chapter 980 Trouble You

Rosalie squinted her eyes.

If she kept a distance from Byron and Estelle, Wendy and even Melody might not make things difficult for her.

The closer she got to Byron, the crazier the stuff Wendy would do.

The thought of the woman putting the bacteria in Estelle’s food twice made Rosalie feel fear.

“All this time, you haven’t been thinking?” Byron’s forehead puckered as he asked.

Rosalie’s attitude was strange. He would not let her hang up the call so soon.

At the camp, Rosalie seemed like she had already suspected someone.

However, she was not willing to share it with him.

Something else must be going on.

Rosalie was moved when she heard his question, but she insisted.

“Haven’t you sent someone to keep an eye on the situation? I don’t think I’ll be able to notice anything if you didn’t.”

Byron frowned and did not reply immediately.

He found nothing because he had sent someone to follow Kevin secretly.

Therefore, Kevin did not appear around Rosalie’s side and was not anywhere suspicious either.

Rosalie added. ‘This time, I did not feel anything abnormal. Estie has gone back home. I think you can ask your men to leave.”

She had agreed to let Byron send someone to protect them because of Estelle.

Now that the little one had returned home, those people did not have to guard the place.

Byron instinctively wanted to refuse.

He was worried Rosalie might be in danger if he asked his men to leave.

However, he thought it was difficult to investigate anything because he asked someone to watch both sides.

Rather than such a stalemate, it was better to give the culprit a chance to attack…

Then, Byron agreed. “Okay. I’ll ask them to leave as soon as possible.”

That was Rosalie’s request. However, she felt strange when the man agreed so soon.

After a few seconds, she finally suppressed the strange feeling rising in her.

Rosalie spoke again after a long silence, “I have been busy with work recently, so I may not be able to meet Estie so often. If Estie wants to find me, I might have to trouble you to cox her a little.”

Byron’s brows furrowed.

It was the same excuse for the same purpose.

Rosalie was going to distance herself from Estelle by using work as an excuse.

Thinking of the tears on the little girl’s face, Byron was a little angry.

Rosalie did not expect Byron to answer, but she still explained, ‘This project is very important to me. Please understand, President Lawrence.”

It would be fine if Rosalie did not mention the project. The project made Byron think of the Lancer family.

Did Rosalie have no other excuse? Byron did not know why she had to choose to tell him that she would be spending time with Xander again!

At this thought, Byron could barely suppress his anger and sounded stiff when he spoke.

“Since you are busy with your work, Miss Jacobs, I’ll ask Estie to be more sensible!”

Then, he hung up the call.

Rosalie tried to say something, but the man on the other end of the call hung up.

All Rosalie felt was helplessness when she looked at her phone screen.

Keeping her distance from Estelle was the only way she could think of to protect Estelle.

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