My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 981

Chapter 981 We’ll Remember That

Rosalie had not snapped out of her gloomy mood even after Byron hung up the call. Suddenly, a knock came on the room door.


When she opened the door, she saw the two little ones standing in her doorway.

The little ones had been waiting in their room all afternoon. However, when their mother did not come out to call them, they could not help themselves to come and call her.

Rosalie suppressed the strange feeling in her and forced a smile.

The little ones, however, were sensitive to her mood. They noticed something strange about her.

Nox carefully tugged Rosalie’s shirt. “Mommy, what’s wrong with you?”

Meanwhile, Lucian stared at her silently, trying to observe something from her expression.

Rosalie smiled. “Nothing. Mommy just had a nightmare.”

Hearing this, Nox looked at her brother suspiciously.

Apparently, neither of the little ones believed this.

Rosalie knew the little ones were suspicious about it and felt helpless.

She could not see through her two kids’ acts.

However, the little ones were always the first to notice anything unusual about her.

“Is it because of Grandma?” Lucian tilted his head.

Although Rosalie did not show it, what Melody said to her was mean.

When Rosalie heard how the little ones addressed Melody, she was in a daze.


If the two little ones had known their origins, they would need to call Melody that.

Melody would not have spoken to her little ones like that if she had not concealed their identities.

Rosalie looked at the little ones apologetically when she thought of that.

“Didn’t Mommy say not to take Grandma’s words to heart? It’s enough as long as Estie likes US.”

Lucian held his Mommy’s finger and shook it warily.

Besides, Grandma would change her mind about them when Daddy and Mommy get back together!

However, they did not think they would like their grandma as much as they had expected.

Every time the little ones used the title grandma, Rosalie’s heart skipped a beat.

When the little ones stopped the topic, Rosalie finally spoke, “Remember to call her Grandma Melody and not grandma.”

The little ones looked at their Mommy in a puzzle. “Why?”

Rosalie looked at them apologetically and touched their heads as she explained, “Well… She is not your biologically related grandma. You can only call your grandma that.”

The little ones’ expressions changed for a second, but they quickly snapped out of their emotions.

“Okay, we’ll remember that.”

They know where they came from, but if that were what Mommy wanted them to call Melody, they would listen to her.

Seeing that the little ones had agreed, Rosalie felt relieved. Then, she told

them, “Mommy is busy with work these days and may not be able to pick you up. Listen to Nanny Lisa, okay?”

Lisa was returning from her vacation. So, Rosalie could use this time to stay away from Estelle.

Then, remembering what their Mommy had asked them to call their grandma, the little ones began to understand.

Their Mommy was going to stay away from Byron and Estelle again.

It was, after all, still because of Melody’s words…

‘What if Estie cries…”

Nox could understand their Mommy’s intention, but he was worried about Estelle too.

Rosalie could not bear to think of it. “Please help Mommy to coax Estie

then. “

She would keep distant from Estelle, but the little boys would not need to do so.

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