My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 984

Chapter 984 No One other Than Rosalie

When Estelle was back with the water, she saw Mrs. Zora walking out of the room and closing the door behind her.

The little one quickened her pace and strode to the room as she looked at Mrs. Zora angrily.

“I’m bringing Daddy some water!”

Mrs. Zora looked at Estelle, who was sulking and felt helpless.

Her master had given her a difficult task.

“Little Lady, Master is unwell and has already fallen asleep.”

As Mrs. Zora spoke, she did not dare to look into the little ones’ eyes.

She could not bear to deceive the little one.

Hearing that her Daddy was resting, the little one looked at the water glass in her hand and was somewhat lost. Finally, she remained silent.

Mrs. Zora looked at the time. They had to wait a while more for Dr. Miller to arrive. So, she took Estelle back to her room to take a nap.

Half an hour later, Dr. Miller arrived quickly with a medical kit at the manor.

Mrs. Zora coaxed Estelle to sleep and led Dr. Miller to Byron’s room.

Byron had fallen asleep again.

“Master was not in good condition when he returned today.”

Mrs. Zora looked at Byron on the bed with concern.

Dr. Miller nodded and examined Byron.

During the examination, Byron woke up again and saw it was Dr. Miller. Then, he asked in his hoarse voice, “How is my condition?”

‘You have stressed yourself out with overload work,” Dr. Miller had already diagnosed Byron’s illness and answered, “and you seemed to have something on your mind, making yourself weak and getting ill easily.

Although you have only caught a cold, it seems serious because your body

is weak. You must rest well to recover soon.”

Something on his mind.

Mrs. Zora was shocked to hear that.

Byron naturally knew what was on his mind.

No one other than Rosalie was in his mind. She was trying to stay away from him.

Mrs. Zora was somewhat shocked.

She had always known that Byron’s emotions were not visible.

However, it was the first time she saw him falling ill because something was in his mind, exhausting him.

She wondered what was on Byron’s mind…

After Byron refused to take some drips, Dr. Miller prescribed him medicine and left.

“How’s Estie?” Byron asked Mrs. Zora.

Mrs. Zora answered, “She has fallen asleep after making a little fuss.”

Estelle had been asking to check on Byron’s condition, but Mrs. Zora stopped her from going to Byron’s room.

After a while, the little one was tired and dozed off.

Byron was relieved and closed his eyes, exhausted.

Perhaps because of illness, he was particularly lethargic and almost closed his eyes and fell asleep at once.

Seeing Byron falling asleep, Mrs. Zora walked out of the room quietly.

Mrs. Zora did not have much sleep. She had been monitoring Byron’s condition once in a while during the night.

Byron had thought it was a common cold, and he could sleep it off.

Unexpectedly, Byron’s fever still did not subside the following day.

Estelle wanted to check on her Daddy as soon as she woke up. Mrs. Zora had no choice but to take her to Byron.

Byron was still asleep.

The little one looked at Byron from a distance, and tears shimmered in her eyes.

It was the first time she had ever seen her Daddy so ill…

“Master asked me to take you to school if he is still unwell today.”

Mrs. Zora touched the little one’s head and said, “I will take care of the young master after sending you to school.”

The little one knew she could not defy her Daddy.

Besides, Daddy was sick, and she did not want him to worry.

So, she agreed obediently.

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