My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 985

Chapter 985 Made Up Their Minds

Estelle’s mood was still down when she was in kindergarten.

In the past, the little girl would look for Lucian and Nox to play with them.

However, Lucian and Nox waited for quite some time and did not see Estelle coming to them.

The two little ones approached Estelle. “Estie, let’s play!”

Estelle shook her head listlessly, and her eyes were red.

Noticing Estelle’s look, the two little ones looked at each other. They were worried. “What’s wrong? Is someone bullying you?”

Estelle shook her head again. Her Daddy’s ill condition occupied her mind.

Daddy was ill…

Suddenly, something struck Estelle’s mind, and her eyes lit up as she looked at Lucian and Nox.

Lucian and Nox were still looking at her anxiously. Then, their eyes met Estelle’s, and they noticed she seemed to be pondering something. They were in a puzzle.

Then, they heard Estelle saying, “Daddy…”

Estelle’s voice sounded like she was about to cry.

Lucian and Nox looked at Estelle seriously as they waited for Estelle to speak.

Estelle looked at them, feeling helpless. “Daddy is sick, but he doesn’t let me look after him at home.”

Lucian and Nox frowned and quickly asked when they heard Byron was ill.” What happened? Why is he suddenly ill?”

Estelle said, “He seems to have caught a cold, but his body is hot. Estie wants to look after Daddy, but Daddy says it might be contagious.”

Lucian and Nox looked at each other and immediately guessed Byron might be suffering from a fever.

Besides, Daddy was probably still having a feverjudging by how Estelle was worried.

Although the little ones were worried, they comforted their little sister first.

“Mister Byron is an adult. He knows his condition. We, kids, have a weaker immune system. That’s why Mister Byron doesn’t want you near him.”

Lucian stroked Estelle’s hair, trying to comfort her.

Nox also said, “Well, it’s not a big deal. We can ask Mommy to cure him if he is still ill!”

As soon as the little boy said it, he regretted it.

He had no idea what his Mommy was thinking.

If Mommy insisted on avoiding Daddy and Estelle, she would disappoint Estelle again.

The little one lowered his head guiltily at this thought.

Estelle’s eyes lit up when Nox said Rosalie could visit her Daddy. “Really?”

Nox lifted his head, and his eyes met the little one’s anticipating gaze. Unable to deny it, he looked at his brother, seeking help.

Lucian saw his brother’s gaze and looked at the little girl, who seemed to be anticipating it. Then, he nodded his head.

“Our Mommy is a good doctor. It’s just a cold. She’ll cure Mister Byron!”

A smile finally appeared on Estelle’s face.

She knew Rosalie was a good doctor and could cure her Daddy.

Besides, if Rosalie agreed to treat her Daddy, she could meet Rosalie too.

With this thought in mind, Estelle’s mood brightened, and she looked forward to Rosalie’s arrival.

However, the two little boys were troubled.

They were worried about Daddy’s health, too.

However, they did not know if Rosalie would cure Byron even if she knew he was sick.

She might even suspect them if she refused, and they would have to see Estelle being disappointed again.

They did not want to let Estelle down again.

The two little ones looked at each other and made up their minds.

They would make Mommy go and cure Daddy’s fever.

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