My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 990

Chapter 990 Let Me Take Care Of Estie


Wendy saw the man approaching, her face a little stiff. “Why are you here? I was thinking, it’s inconvenient for you, so I came to pick Estie up instead.”

Byron glanced at her coldly, “I clearly remember, I never ask you to do this.” His voice was clear. The expressions of the people on the side changed. Miss Leigh Ann was afraid.

‘Although I know Wendy’s relationship with Byron, I also know that Wendy will not do anything to the little girl.’

‘But Little Estie has a noble status. If Wendy picked Estie up today without permission, as a teacher, I would be accountable too.’

‘Thankfully, the little girl didn’t go with her…’

Lucian and Nox were happy and relieved.

They mentioned just now, that Daddy knew that little sister disliked this Mean Auntie, so why would he let her pick Estie up?

‘Now it seems that it is simply that Mean Auntie’s wishful thinking!’

Well, luckily they managed to stop her!

’Estie, come here.” Byron stretched out his hand toward Little Estie.

The little girl had not recovered from her emotions just now, she sniffled aggrievedly before reaching out and holding her Daddy’s hand.

Byron turned to look at the other two little guys. Just as he was about to say something, the wind suddenly picked up.

Byron covered his mouth and coughed twice before he spoke in a hoarse voice. “Uncle won’t wait with you today, can you take care of yourself?”

In the past, he would accompany the two little boys until Nanny Lisa arrived before leaving.

However, today, he did not have that energy.

The little boys also knew that Daddy was sick, and immediately nodded sensibly. “Yes, we can!”

On the side, Miss Leigh Ann also said quickly, “President Lawrence, don’t worry, I will take good care of them.”

Byron nodded light, then took Little Star and turned to leave.

The little girl knew that Daddy was sick, so she obediently kept quiet.

As for Wendy, she felt guilty and bitter because of his sudden appearance.

Moreover, Byron called her out in front of so many people, which made Wendy annoyed.

However, as she watched the two leave, she had to follow with her head down.

Byron and the little girl got into the car. When the car started, out of the corner of Byron’s eye, he caught sight of Wendy’s car following them again. A trace of displeasure flashed across his eyes.

“Daddy, how are you feeling?” Little Estie looked at her Daddy with concern.

Byron patted the little girl’s head soothingly. “I’m feeling much better.”

After that, he frowned and apologized to the little girl. “Daddy didn’t ask Auntie Wendy to pick you up, you know?”

A smile broke across her little face. ’Of course, I know that!”

Byron gently touched the little girl’s head and did not speak anymore.

Back at the Lawrence Manor.

The little girl got out of the car without waiting for Daddy to carry her and reached out to hold Byron’s hand.

The two were about to walk into the villa when there was another sound of the door closing behind them.

Estie looked back in confusion, only to see Wendy getting out of her car and walking towards them.

“Daddy…” The little girl instinctively inched toward her Daddy.

Byron reassuringly squeezed the little girl’s hand. “If you don’t like it, Estie, just ignore it.”

The little guy was still uneasy and followed him without saying a word.

Wendy had already walked to their side.

“Byron, are you tired? Quickly go up and rest, I can take care of Estie.”

Wendy smiled and looked down at Estie.

Instead, the little girl got closer and closer to Byron.

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