My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 992

hapter 992 We Want To Go Too

Rosalie frowned.

‘Before this, Byron would personally drive to pick the little one up from school.’

‘This time, he asked the driver to send him…’

Suddenly, Rosalie felt that something was not right.

“Since Uncle had been seriously ill, why did he still pick Estie up in person? Is Grandma Zora not there?”

Puzzled, she asked the little boys.

Hearing this, the two little boys thought of Wendy Fuller at the same time.

‘If Mommy knew that that Bad Auntie is with Daddy, I’m not sure if Mommy would be willing to see Daddy…’

‘On second thought, if Mommy goes to Daddy, that might drive Bad Auntie away!’

‘Then, little sister wouldn’t have to be afraid anymore.’

With this train of thought, Lucian decided to just tell her everything about Wendy’s appearance at the school.

“At first, that Bad Auntie came to pick little sister up, but she wouldn’t go with her. After a while, Uncle Byron came!”

There’s a slight glee in the little boy’s tone. “Uncle Byron knows that little sister doesn’t like that Auntie.”

Rosalie naturally knew who the Bad Auntie the boy was referring to.

Right now, she does not have the energy to correct the little boys’ formalities now.

Wendy actually went to the kindergarten to pick up Estie.’

‘Which means, she should also know about Byron falling sick.’

‘For all I know, maybe she came from Lawrence Manor.’

At this point, Rosalie could not help thinking of the bacteria incident.

‘Although there is no conclusive evidence yet.’

‘However, Nancy Gray used to work in the Fuller family’s research institute, and this clue was enough to put all my suspicions on Wendy.’

‘If Wendy can attack Estie twice, why wouldn’t she attack Byron?’

This possibility gave Rosalie a chill in her heart.

‘I have known Byron for so many years, and I have never seen the man sick like this before.’

‘The illness this time may really not be that simple…’

“Mommy, are you there?”

The two little kids asked anxiously when they saw their Mommy went off focus while listening to them.

Rosalie snapped back to her senses and forced a smile at them. “Since Uncle Byron is so ill, didn’t he go to the hospital for a checkup?”

Lucian said, “It seems that their family doctor has given him a checkup. However, little sister is still worried.”

Hearing this, Rosalie was not very relieved either.

With just a simple check-up, certain bacterial infections would be easily misdiagnosed as a common cold.

The two little guys finally saw their Mommy’s concerns, and their eyes lit up.

Nox vaguely stirred Mommy up even more. “Mummy, can you go and see Uncle Byron? If you diagnose him, little sister can rest assured!”

Lucian also agreed. “Little sister says that Mommy is the best doctor in the world!”

After listening to the instigation of the little boys, along with her own deduction, Rosalie agreed softly in the end.

“Mommy will come over to take a look after dinner.”

The little boys did not expect their Mommy to agree so easily, and they were stunned for a few seconds before they reacted.

“We want to go too!”

Rosalie frowned. “I think you boys should stay at home. If it truly was a cold, you may be infected.”

The little ones insisted. “We will just play with little sister; we won’t go into Uncle’s room.”

They were also worried about Daddy and wanted to see him.

Rosalie did not think too much, just thought that the boys really wanted to play with Little Estie, so she agreed.

After dinner, they quickly urged her to go.

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