My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 994

Chapter 994 No One Can steal Away

Front door of Lawrence Manor.

Rosalie’s car slowly stopped.

Rosalie turned off the engine, hesitated for a moment whether to call Byron.

After all, this late-night visit, even just to check on his health, was fairly sudden.

With this in mind, Rosalie reached for her phone, but her gaze suddenly swept to the door of the manor.

There were two people standing at the door.

Rosalie stopped and squinted her eyes towards the door of the villa.

Under the cover of the trees, Byron and Wendy could be vaguely seen standing there.

Wendy seemed to be holding a coat in her hand. After a while, Byron turned around, smiled at her, and took the coat from her.

From a distance, the atmosphere between them looked harmonious.

Although it was hard to determine from this distance, Rosalie felt that Byron’s smile seemed extra dazzling.

‘He kept saying that he wanted to be with me, but he never smiled at me like that…’

Rosalie felt a burst of irony in his heart as she remembered what Byron once said, that he would sort out his relationship with Wendy.

‘So, being lovey-dovey with Wendy is what he meant by sort out, just like how he is now?

In the end, Rosalie concluded that Byron’s words before were just using herself as business competition with Xander. 1

‘I was only his tool.’


Just when she was in a trance, the little boys’ urgent voices rang out.

They were anxious to get out of the car to see Uncle Byron, but Mommy kept the door locked.

Rosalie snapped back to her senses, suppressed the irony in his heart, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Nox was puzzled. “Aren’t we going to see Uncle? Let’s go now!”

Hearing this, Rosalie narrowed her eyes, and withdrew her hand from her phone.

“Erm.. Mommy suddenly remembered that I still have some work to be done now, so I don’t have time today.”

She said and started the car again.

The two little boys looked at each other, puzzled. “But…”

‘Mommy had already promised US, which means that Mommy doesn’t have work to do now.’

‘Why did she suddenly have more work to do?’

They considered Mommy’s actions just now and followed her line of sight to the manor.

But, because of their height, they did not see anything.

Rosalie had already started the car, turned around, and returned the way they came.

The two little guys wanted to speak up, but they noticed that Mommy did not seem to be in a good mood, so they kept silent.

At the same time, in the Lawrence Manor.

Wendy watched the car slowly drive away; the corner of her lower lip turned upward into a proud smirk.

‘Wretched Rosalie, so what if she came?’

‘Byron is mine, and no one can steal him away!’

In the darkness of the night, as the car was moving away, Wendy finally retracted her gaze with satisfaction, and said to Byron, “Byron dear, it’s getting late, you should rest early, I should go back too.”

Byron coolly nodded, but still did not look at her.

Wendy was not annoyed and walked toward the door of the manor.

Although she had hit a dead-end today, she had to admit that Rosalie’s actions just now made her feel satisfied.

Even if Byron ignores her, she can accept it all.

She believed that after today, that b*tch will definitely know her place and stay far away from Byron!

At the door of the villa, Byron looked at the back of Wendy leaving, and frowned slightly.

‘I don’t know if it was my illusion, but the woman seemed to be quite happy when she left.’

‘What did this woman do behind my back again?1

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