Chapter 1296

A thing to note is that the real estate prices in that area were steep. And yet, Harvey had given her an entire floor to utilize. ‘Isn’t that too much of a favor?’

“Harvey, I won’t be needing that much space!” Nicole explained to Harvey.

“It’s fine. You can just leave the corner empty if you don’t need it.” Harvey answered her in a casual tone of voice.

It had taken him a lot of time and resources to clear the floor for her, and he had done all of that to ensure that Nicole would have enough space to work.

“Leave it empty?” That would be such a waste!” Nicole yelled.

‘He really is ignorant about money,’ she thought. ‘He doesn’t have the brains for business at all. But having said that, this is definitely an excellent location for me. When I buy more equipment in the future, I can expand my business right away. It’s amazing!’

Nicole felt that there was a possibility for her to occupy all of the space in the future.

“Harvey, I noticed that all the other floors are occupied. Why is this particular floor empty? The fixtures are all in good condition too.” Nicole looked at him with her brows raised and asked.

Harvey drew a breath of cold air, ‘How should I answer her so that she would buy into my lie?’

“Harvey Ellison? Are you listening?” Nicole stopped walking and stared at him.

“I am listening.”

“Well…this floor is too high up so it can be quite inconvenient for anyone to go up and down. And that is why the companies are not keen on choosing high levels as offices,” Harvey replied, simply making up some excuses.

“These people have such strange excuses. It’s my first time hearing that there are people who do not like higher levels.” Nicole could not help but shake her head.

Jared’s office is at the highest level of the building and the view there is phenomenal,’ she thought. ‘These people clearly do not know anything.’

“Yeah, it is quite strange.” Harvey played along.

“What do you think about this place?” he asked Nicole.

“It’s not just great; it’s extraordinarily great!” Nicole replied as she beamed.

Seeing that Nicole was satisfied, Harvey felt happy too. In the end, his efforts did not go to waste.

“When can I bring the equipment in?” Nicole asked Harvey.

“You can bring them in anytime.”

“Okay, I think I’ve given this place a rough tour. Let’s talk about the bills.” Nicole turned to Harvey and said.

“What bills? This place is just an empty floor. If you could utilize it, you’re already helping it serve its purpose,” Harvey said.

He would never take her money since all these were specially prepared for her.

“Harvey, don’t lie to me. At first glance, I could already tell that the people here have just moved out. How could I take advantage of you?” she said.

In fact, Nicole had already made a rough guess when she first walked in. ■ The desk area looks clean and tidy. It does not seem like it has been vacated for very long, and that is why I think that the people here must have moved out recently. Besides, Harvey’s explanation was a little too far­fetched. Why would anyone give up on such a hot spot just because it’s on the highest floor?’

After she had thought it all through, Nicole concluded that Harvey had purposely cleared the place out for her. As such, it would not be courteous of her if she did not repay him in the slightest. At the very least, the rent must be paid, and it was not like she could not afford it.

“It’s true. This place has been left empty for a while. Don’t worry about it and just work here.” Harvey said, maintaining the stubborn, bold-faced lie, in spite of the fact that Nicole had already discovered the truth.

“Listen, I don’t want to waste your time. Do you want me to point out every single evidence for you to fess up to the lie you’ve been feeding me?” Nicole stared at him unwaveringly.

Harvey looked into Nicole’s eyes. ‘It seems that she has already guessed it correctly. I’ve already tried extremely hard to cover it up, but how did she find out?’

“Alright, fine. Since the cat is out of the bag, I won’t hide it anymore. I did ask people to clear out of this space a few days ago. But I won’t take any of your money for rent.” Harvey replied to her firmly.

“Harvey, how much would it cost for me to pay rent? Or are you planning to make me owe you this massive favor?” Nicole raised her eyebrows.

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