Chapter 1298

Nicole kept her eyes on Harvey, who was nothing short of awkward, and thought that it was funny. She had deliberately done that that so that Harvey would have no choice but to use up that favor that she owed him. That way, she would not have to feel as if she was beholden to it.

However, Harvey was adamant about not mentioning it. Instead, he stayed in her car and refused to get off.

The both of them sat in the car, refusing to give in for a few minutes. Seeing that Harvey just would not get out of the car, Nicole could only ignite the engine and drive off to the Sea View Villa.

On the way there, Harvey made himself at home in Nicole’s car.

Unconsciously, he reached out to switch the music player on, but Nicole immediately reacted by smacking his hand away.

“Weren’t you taught to not simply touch other people’s belongings?” Nicole shot him a glance.

“I just wanted to play some music, How is this considered as touching other people’s belongings?” Harvey ignored her and proceeded to turn the music player, going as far as to connect it to his playlist.

In an instant, the entire car was booming with Harvey’s favorite songs.

Unable to tolerate his antics anymore, she floored the accelerator and sped off to the villa.

“Nicole, slow down. Why are you speeding?” Harvey asked, as he noticed that the car was moving faster by the second.

Nicole smiled to herself and ignored him. Instead of listening to him, she drove even faster, and soon after, the Lamborghini pulled up at the Sea View Villa.

Nicole continued ignoring Harvey as she got down. She immediately opened the car door and strutted into the villa. Seeing this, Harvey quickly got down from the car and chased after her.

Mrs. Wallace Sr. and Tia were watching television in the living room when they arrived. Upon hearing someone coming in from the entrance, they turned around.

“Nicole, you’re back. Come have a seat.” Mrs. Wallace Sr. noticed invited Nicole in upon noticing her.

“Grandma, how have you been?” Harvey’s voice sounded at the very next second.

Mrs. Wallace Sr. looked behind Nicole, and recognized him as Harvey Ellison, the grandson she had taken in previously.

“Harvey, you’re here too. Come and have a seat.” Mrs. Wallace Sr. extended a warm welcome to Harvey, totally forgetting about Nicole’s existence along the way.

Nicole rolled her eyes at Harvey. ‘It’s all his fault that half of grandma’s love and attention has been robbed from me. She actually forgot about me as soon as she saw Harvey.’

Nicole walked over and sat on one side while Harvey sat at the nearest spot to Mrs. Wallace Sr.

“Grandma, you look a lot better now,” Harvey complimented her with sweet words.

Nicole rolled her eyes at him again, ‘What a smooth talker.’

Harvey ignored Nicole’s reaction and continued chatting with Mrs. Wallace Sr., “Grandma, how big are the vegetables you’ve planted? Can you take me to the garden where I can see them?”

“You still remember my vegetables and plants?” Mrs. Wallace Sr. replied with a smile to Harvey.

‘Come, I’ll bring you there.” Mrs. Wallace Sr. stood up as she spoke, after which she brought Harvey to the garden.

Now at the garden, Mrs. Wallace Sr. pointed at the vegetables and said, ’ Look at them. Aren’t they taller than the last time you were here?”

“Yeah. I remember the last time I came over, they were about eleven inches tall? Now they’re about three feet tall, right?” Harvey looked at the matured vegetables in surprise.

It seemed that barely a few days had passed since he last visited, but the vegetable had grown at a rapid pace.

“The rainy season has been good this year, and that is why the vegetables could grow tall and healthy.” Mrs. Wallace Sr. stared at her own farm in elation.

“I see.” Harvey looked at Mrs. Wallace Sr., as a major realization dawned upon him.

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