Chapter 1142

“Nah, I’ll teach you the trick,” Nicole said.

Harvey watched as they played, but he was only standing there as an observer.

All of a sudden, Nicole looked at him. “Do you want to give it a go?”

“Me?” Harvey looked at Nicole, surprised as he had never tried his hands on a claw machine before.

“Sure, but I’ve never done this before,” he said.

“It’s easy. I’ll teach both of you,” Nicole said, after which she demonstrated the steps to the both of them again.

“You got it now?” Nicole looked at them.

“Yeah, I’ll give it a try,” Harvey said, excited to give it a go.

He looked at the plushies in the machine and had no idea as to which one to get.

Then, he turned to Nicole and asked, “Which one do you think looks good?”

Nicole took a good look at the contents of the machine and said, ” That round and white polar bear. That one is really cute.”

“Alright, I’ll get that one,” he said.

Harvey, upon confirming that Nicole liked the polar bear, proceeded to make that particular plushie his target.

Then, he repeated the steps that Nicole had shown him moments ago. “I got it!”

At the very next second, the claw shook, and the polar bear dropped.

Harvey sighed and asked, “Why did that happen? Nicole, I did whatever you told me to do. Why wasn’t I able to get it?”

“You probably didn’t time it right. It’s okay. Try again.” Nicole explained before encouraging him.

“Okay.” Harvey worked the joystick once more, but the outcome was still the same; he could not get the polar bear.

“I’m done.” Harvey said, defeated. “It’s just not working for me.”

He felt embarrassed playing with that claw machine as a grown man, and to top that off, he wasn’t able to get any of the toys, even after multiple tries.

“You’ve only given it two shots and you’re giving up already?” Nicole looked at him and asked.

“This game isn’t for me. The both of you should go ahead instead.” Harvey gestured to them and stood aside.

“Give it a shot, Kelly.” Nicole turned to her.

“If Harvey couldn’t do it, I wouldn’t even stand a chance,” Kelly mumbled, not confident in her abilities at all.

“It’s fine. It’s just a game. It matters not whether we get it or not. We’re just doing it for the fun,” Nicole said, attempting to encourage Kelly.

“Alright, I’ll give it a go.” Kelly strutted up to the machine.

“Harvey, you were trying to get that polar bear, right?” Kelly looked at Harvey.

“Yeah.” Harvey nodded, but he did not want Kelly to succeed, as he wanted to practice his steps on his own and acquire the polar bear for Nicole later on.

“I’ll try to get it, then.” Kelly said, intending to procure the plush toy for Harvey to comfort him after his failed attempts, as she thought he wanted it,

The claw hovered above the polar bear’s head as Kelly aligned it properly. She mimicked the steps that Nicole had demonstrated, whereupon she managed to lift the polar bear up. When Harvey saw that, a sense of embarrassment flooded him. However, the instant the claw retracted, the outcome of her attempt was similar to Harvey’s; the claw shook, releasing the bear.

Harvey was immediately relieved as he thought, ‘Thank God she didn’t get it. I’ll be so embarrassing for me if she did.’

“Miss Riddle?” Kelly looked at Nicole.

“It’s okay, try again,” Nicole replied.

Kelly gave it another shot. This time, the polar bear did not fall when the claw shook. Seeing this, she issued a sigh of relief while Harvey began panicking. The claw then moved towards the hole as Kelly watched on with a beam on her face. But just as she thought she was going to succeed this time, the claw trembled, releasing its grip on the polar bear.

“Miss Riddle, I can’t do it.” Kelly looked at Nicole pleadingly. “Why don’t you try it out?”

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