Chapter 1143

“That was close. Let’s give it another shot.”


“Let me do it,” Harvey interrupted, wishing to get the toy himself, as she could not wait any longer.

“You want to give it a go?” Nicole looked at Harvey with a brow raised.

“Yeah, I was observing Kelly’s strategy, and I’m quite certain I’ll be able to get it right this time round,” he said. ‘Even if I can’t get it right in one go, I’m sure a few more tries will do the trick.’

“Harvey will definitely get it this time round.” Kelly said, cheering him on by his side.

Harvey held onto the joystick with great confidence and maneuvered the hook towards the polar bear. With all of the tricks he had learned from his observation, he tapped the button right when he should. As expected, he managed to grab the bear.

Harvey clenched his fist as excitement flooded him. This time round, the bear was positioned close to the funnel, and so, the moment he got it, the bear went right through the hole, allowing them to claim it from the dispenser. Seeing this, Harvey became as happy as a clam and took the bear out at once.

Then, he turned to Nicole. “I got it!”

“Hah, I told you that you’d be able to get it.” Nicole laughed as she stared at him.

“Nicole, this is for you.” Harvey beamed and passed the polar bear to her.

“It wasn’t an easy catch, so I think it’s better for you to keep it,” Nicole said, refusing to take it because she did not really want that plushie.

“Kelly, let’s check that out.” Nicole turned to Kelly.

Then, the both of them walked off, leaving Harvey rooted at the same spot with the bear in his hand.

The next day, Nicole brought Kelly and Harvey to the lab, where Ike had been waiting for them.

“Hi, did you manage to catch some good rest yesterday?” Ike greeted them at the entrance.

“It was pretty good. The hotel had some entertainment facilities upstairs, so we had quite a lot of fun last night,” Nicole replied.

“Really?” Ike said. “Well, that’s good to know. Anyway, let’s make our way inside.”

Ike took the lead and ushered them into the lab.

“Ike, what is everyone doing today?” Nicole asked Ike, as she wanted to get a grasp of the current situation.

“They are in the meeting room, discussing the feasibility of the plan.” Ike extended his hand while expressing his frustrations.

Nicole and Harvey looked at each other and strode into the meeting room with Ike.

The meeting room was abuzz with solemn conversations, but once the people seated there spotted Ike bringing three strangers into the room, all of them fell silent.

Ike looked at everyone and introduced, “This is Miss Nicole Riddle. Mr. Scott specifically appointed her to manage the R&D of the manned flying car project. These are her assistants.”

Harvey looked at Ike awkwardly. ‘When did I become Nicole’s assistant?” 1

“Hi everyone, I’m Nicole.” Nicole scanned the room and introduced herself with a smile.

Those in the meeting room stared at each other. It was as if they did not have a hoot to give about this newly appointed manager, as only one out of the many had the courtesy to respond in kind.

“Hi Miss Riddle. I’m Jean Pearce.”

Nicole looked at him and nodded. “What were you guys discussing about?”

“We were just discussing about the design of the manned flying car,” Jean reported.

Nicole sat down and took a good look at everyone, “Oh, carry on. Don’t let me stop you.”

“Okay.” Jean was left stunned for a brief moment, but he immediately understood what Nicole had meant.

“Let’s pick up from where we left off.” Jean spoke to those in the room.

Then, they continued their discussion, with each of them taking turns to present their ideas and opinions on the project.

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