Chapter 1144

“Both of these designs are unique in their own ways, but I think the first design is better,” a middle-aged man said, voicing his opinions to everyone within earshot.

“I share his view,” another man said. “The first design is better suited for the current market. Besides, it is also simpler. In terms of difficulty when it comes to production, the first design would be relatively easier to produce and manufacture.

“Yeah, that makes sense,” echoed those who agreed.

“I don’t think so,” another one of the men argued. “Although the first design is much better suited for the current market, I wouldn’t say it matches entirely. We have to bear in mind that our product might not be introduced to the market anytime soon. So, if we are making an assessment based on the data we currently have, it wouldn’t be ideal at all.”

“In that case, what do you suggest we refer to? Data from the future?” one of them replied sarcastically.

The room burst into laughter.

“We shouldn’t be dismissing that as a factor,” the man responded. “We are gathered here today, discussing about the manned flying car project because one of us had the vision to make this a reality. If no one had thought about it before, perhaps we wouldn’t be sitting here at this moment.

“What I’m trying to say is, the car that we’re designing should be tailored for the convenience of the people in the future, and that is why we have to be bold enough to imagine. We can’t be too

comfortable with ourselves. If we can get out of our comfort zones, we can design a something that will be considered state-of-the- art for many decades to come.”

“That is a valid take, and we all understand where you’re coming from,” one of the men supportive of the first design replied. “Who wouldn’t want to design a car that will amaze everyone? However, it would be too early for us to consider that, judging by our current capabilities. I believe our main goal here is to produce a manned flying car first. Without a prototype, any further discussion will just be nothing but hot air.”

Nicole, who sat at the front, quietly watched the back and forth.

As the interminable discussion went on, Jean looked at Nicole. “Ms. Riddle, as the manager, which design do you think is better?”

Now that Jean had asked, everyone’s eyes were centered at Nicole. They were all waiting for her to tell them what she thought.

Nicole looked around the room. ‘Everyone has strong ideas and opinions about this, and that is why they are at an impasse. But now that they have thrown such a loaded question at me, I can’t help but wonder if they are trying to get me to dig my own grave?’

With that thought in mind, Nicole flashed them a smile and looked at all of them in the eye, “I think everyone has made their point, and truth be told, there are strengths and weaknesses to all of your arguments. To be completely honest, I don’t think I have a strong opinion on what should and shouldn’t be. After all, I don’t specialize in designs. But I have a suggestion. If we can’t decide on the design, why don’t we all vote?” Nicole went about explaining before throwing the question back to them.

The whole group looked at each other, after which Jean continued

the conversation by saying, ” I think Miss Riddle has a point. What do you guys think?”

“Since we can’t reach a unanimous decision, we can only vote,” one of the men said.

“Alright, as everyone has agreed to vote, let’s just begin,” Jean said.

“Those in favor of the first design, please raise your hand.” Jean announced. “And those in favor of the second design, please raise your hand.”

After all of the votes had been counted, Jean declared, “After having counted, the first design has 18 votes while the second design has 12 votes. According to the results, we will be using the first design.”

It was then that the meeting room erupted with a mix of jeers and cheers. Naturally, the ones cheering were those in favor of the first design.

“Ms. Riddle, do you have anything else to say?” Jean asked Nicole.


“Okay. Since we have decided on a design, let’s hurry up and work on the next step. The meeting is thus over.” Jean announced to the rest in the room.

After that, everyone in the meeting room got up and left one after another.

“That was depressing.” Harvey sighed after everyone had left the room. “Nicole, it seems like the people here are anything but friendly.”

“Don’t give it too much thought. That’s how researchers are like. Some of them can be really condescending,” Nicole replied, as she understood their demeanor, and had encountered those who were worse in that regard.

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