Chapter 1145

“What are we going to do now?” Harvey asked Nicole.

“Let’s get to know this place.” Nicole stood up and walked out. ” Ike, please show us around. I’d like to check this place out.”

“Sure, this way please.” Ike gestured, becoming a tour guide at an instant as he brought Nicole and the rest of her group around in order to familiarize them to the place. “What you’re seeing here is the design department. This is where the designs were made.”

“Further up is the production department,” Ike continued. “After the design department has created a finalized blueprint, they would conduct their experiments here. And finally, we have the research and development department. That is the core department where the bulk of developments take place. Of course, there are other sections which are not as significant, such as that resting lounge, cafeteria and more.”

Nicole nodded and turned to Ike. “Which department are you in?”

“I’m in the R&D department.”

“Oh, that’s impressive,” Nicole quipped as a hint of admiration flashed in her eyes.

“Nah.” Ike looked at Nicole humbly.

“The issue that you guys have been struggling with for days has been solved. I guess there’s nothing else I can help out with. I guess I should leave now,” Nicole said, getting ready to leave.

But before she could, Ike stopped her. “You haven’t been to the R& D department. Don’t you want to check it out?”

“Am I allowed to enter?” Nicole looked at Ike, her eyes filled with doubt.

“Of course! You’re our manager. You’re allowed access to all of the areas.” Ike laughed.

“How about the two of them?” Nicole pointed to Harvey and Kelly.

“I’m sorry, but I’m afraid not. The R&D department is the core department, so access is restricted.” Ike looked at Nicole apologetically.

“Understood,” Nicole uttered and turned to them. “In that case, the both of you can wait for me at the lounge area.”

“Alright,” Kelly said.

After that, Ike brought Nicole into the R&D department.

“Sounds like they’re keeping secrets,” Harvey murmured as he watched Ike and Nicole disappear into the area he was not allowed to enter.

“Harvey, shall we sit there and wait for Miss Riddle?” Kelly pointed to the chairs at the lounge area.

When they had arrived at the R&D department, both of them noticed that the researchers were busy with their duties. Even after Nicole and Ike had entered for quite a while, none of the researchers had bothered to acknowledge them.

“Everyone, stop what you’re doing for a moment. Let me introduce to you, this lady beside me is one of the managers of the manned flying car project, Miss Nicole Riddle,” Ike announced, prompting all of them to look up.

“Ms. Riddle,” everyone in the room greeted in unison.

“Hello everyone,” Nicole greeted them back with a smile.

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