Chapter 1146

“You may continue with your work,” Ike said to all of them. “Miss Riddle, this way please.”

“What is that thing they’re working on?” Nicole glanced at Ike and asked.

“They’re developing a chip,” Ike said.

“A chip? Why aren’t we using those developed by professional chip manufacturers?” Nicole looked at Ike with her brows raised.

“The manufacturers out there couldn’t meet our needs. To them, our requirements are just too high. They just can’t meet our standards, so we could only produce them on our own. Besides, it will be much more convenient for us to improve on the project if we have our own supply of chips,” Ike explained.

“I see. Although it’s not a walk in the park to develop, we’ll definitely have an upper hand in the future, as it’s our own technology,” Nicole analyzed.

“That’s right. We won’t have to be at the mercy of the manufacturers anymore. Furthermore, we could sell these chips to others if we play our cards right.” Ike grinned.

“Now that’s a good idea. We’re killing two birds with one stone,” Nicole complimented.

“At any rate, these researchers are the ones busting their rears to make this work. Be sure to take good care of them, and provide them with whatever they need. Should they face any problems, always render immediate help.” Nicole instructed.

“Understood,” Ike said.

“Let’s get out of here.” Nicole said. “If we don’t, we’ll just be getting in the way of their work.”

“Sure, I’ll walk you out,” Ike replied.

Ike accompanied Nicole to the entrance, after which she turned to him and said, “You don’t have to accompany me. You should get back to work. I’ll tour around on my own.”

“Alright. Call me if you need anything.” Ike walked back into the R &D lab after he had said that.

Nicole then sauntered off to the lounge area where Harvey and Kelly were sitting, drinking coffee. “I see that the two of you seem comfortable.”

Hearing Nicole’s voice, Harvey looked over, “You’re out already? I thought the both of you would be staying there for quite a while.”

“I’m worried that I’ll just be in the way, so, I just checked it out and left.” Nicole explained.

“Where are we going now?” Harvey asked Nicole.

“Let’s…just walk around.” Nicole looked around and headed off to a random direction.

“Do you even know the way?” Harvey mocked at her.

“No, but how big could this place be? We won’t get lost, so don’t worry about it.” Nicole rolled her eyes and continued walking straight.

As she was walking, a virtual image display caught her eye. “Wow! This looks beautiful!”

“Is this the manned flying car?” Harvey walked over, also captivated by the virtual image display.

“I think so.” Nicole replied, not very sure.

“It will be so cool if we could drive something like that in the future!” Harvey said, his eyes glued to the image.

He could not help but compliment it.

“This is the design department. Let’s check things out in there.” Nicole eyed the sign beside her.

When she had pushed the door open, every person in the department stared at her. Nicole led Harvey and Kelly into the room.

Then, a young chief designer came over and greeted her. “Miss Riddle, are you here to observe?”

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