Chapter 1451


“This is the exact location of the command post.” Nicole pointed it for Carl to see.

“So, it is in a remote area. That was why all of the men I’ve deployed were not able to find anything. This bunch is really cunning.” Carl looked at the map and sighed.

“There’s no use in being cunning. It will be the end forthem once they are forced to engage us face to face.” Nicole said confidently.

“Nicole, how are we supposed to destroy their command post just by staring at it?” Carl jabbed, already impatient to make his way there and wipe them out.

“Let me think…” Nicole stroked her chin as her brain got to work quickly.

“Right now, the Raven’s forces have surrounded all of our entrances and exits. Therefore, it’s kind of impossible for us to march an entire army out of the gates to attack the command post.”

“We can only send a small squad comprising of our best out there. After that, well sneak our way through the enemies and launch an assault on the command post.” Nicole said, analyzing the situation in accordance with their current circumstances.

She felt that it would be easier forthem to succeed with a sneak attack.

“I agree with you. But can we add two Braves into our ranks? With them around, it could increase our chances of winning.” Carl asked, having known Brave’s lethality.

In fact, he hoped that that the Braves alone could wipe all of the enemies at the command post out due to how powerful they were.

“Brave is a little bigger in size. Having them around would make it difficult for us to sneak in, and it would quickly attract the opponent’s attention. I don’t think it would be wise to include the Braves in this mission.” Nicole replied, disagreeing with the addition of the two droids.

“But it would increase the chances of us winning. Think about it, the command post would be heavily guarded. Even if our men are skilled enough, we might not be able to penetrate their defenses. Once our army gets obliterated, we would be suffering a huge loss.

“With the firepower that the Braves have to offer, however, the scales could be tipped. Our men could use the Braves as shields, allowing them to launch an attack on the command post effectively,” Carl said, presenting his argument.

Nicole gave his argument some thought after she had heard it. ‘What Carl said is right. The manpower we have at the base is quite limited. If they send their best members out on this mission, it would of course be remarkable if they succeed. However, if they fail, the consequences for us will be truly awful.’

“Let’s think about this carefully and come up with the best plan.”

“Now, let me take a picture of this map so that I can study it later.” Nicole took her phone out and snapped a few pictures. “Carl, remember, we share the same goal.”

Then, Nicole turned around and left the master control room.

Once she had reached her room, Nicole projected the picture she had just taken to the wall. Then, she began to study it, but just as she was concentrating on the plan, her phone burred with the notification sound. She picked her phone up to find Zeke’s message on the status bar.

[Lucifer, I’ve escaped to Lanningbourg. Don’t worry about me, I’ll find you the instant I get to be alone at home.]

[Lanningbourg? I’m at Lanningbourg too, but it’ll be a little too inconvenient for me to be out and about. Please take care of yourself. I’ll find you once I’m done here.]

Nicole then quickly told Zeke about the recent development which she did not have the chance to divulge during the time when he was last online. [ Before I forget, let me tell you some good news. The mission for the insignia has been completed. All that’s left is for you to fill your name in.]

[Really? Lucifer, you’re my fairy godmother! When we meet, I’ll make sure to thank you properly. You’ve really done me a huge favor!] Zeke replied, expressing his gratitude.

From his message itself, one could tell how happy he was.

[Okay, well, this is the truth of the situation. Because of that mission, I had to…Forget it, you must thank me properly the next time we meet.]

Nicole thought about it and decided not to tell him that she was being tailed. Zeke was already in hiding, so it was best for her not to add to his worries. After all, she was hiding at the base of productions belonging to Curley Corporation. Those pursuing her would not be able to harm her there.

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