Chapter 1452

[That much is certain! You can start thinking about what you want. Once I’m done here, I’ll look for you.]

[Alright, I’ll let you know once I think of something.]

[That’s all for today. I’m going offline now.]

As soon as Zeke had sent her that message, he went offline.

Nicole placed her phone down and continued studying for the sneak attack plan. All of a sudden, a knock was on the door.

“Come in.” Nicole knew that it was none other than Carl, as no one else would come looking for her.

Carl pushed the door open and walked in with a cup of drink in his hand. There, he found Nicole studying the map and said, “Here.”

Nicole took the cup of coffee from Carl’s hands. “If you’re here, who’s taking care of the central control room?”

“Oh, everything is well taken care of. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“Are you still thinking about the plan?” Carl looked at the map and asked.

“Yeah, the terrain surrounding the command post is quite complex. I’m thinking about a way to overwhelm and destroy the command post all at once.” Nicole turned to the map and began to think.

“It’ll be a challenge for us to overwhelm them right away. I think we’ll have to take things slow with our plan and think of an exit strategy.” Carl looked at Nicole.

He wanted to work on the plan step by step.

“Look at this. If we wish to get out, we will have to get pass these two exits. However, both of these places are heavily guarded by the Raven. So, we’ll have to think about how we could make the cross without alarming them,” he said.

“I’ve thought about this.”

“You’ve thought about it? What’s your idea?” Carl looked at Nicole with his forehead creased.

“We can’t use any of these exits.”

“We can’t use any of them? Well then, we wouldn’t have any other way out.” Carl replied to Nicole with a questionable look.

“There’s a path. Perhaps, it’s a little too well-hidden for anyone to discover it.” Nicole smirked.

“Which path?” Carl looked at Nicole in shock, for he had been at the base for quite some time now, and yet, he did he not know about a third exit.

“Look here, at the west-most side of the base. There’s a river there. We can cross over through this river.” Nicole pointed on the map for Carl to see.

Carl fixed his gaze on that river at once, wondering why he had never thought of passing through that river.

“I don’t think it’s possible for us to do so, Nicole. I remember that there aren’t any bridges at that river, and the current is pretty strong. It’s almost impossible for humans to swim in it.” Carl explained, recalling the first day he patrolled the place.

Indeed, he had checked the place out, just to discover that the current was really powerful, and that was why he did not bother to set up any defenses there. Based on his judgment, no one in their right mind would pick a route which involved crossing over such a dangerous river.

“It’s true that humans won’t be able to swim past it. But we could set up cable lines on both sides of the riverbank. Our terrain is slightly higher, so it would be easier for us to go there. That way, we could cross over quickly and easily.” Nicole said without any hesitation.

As soon as Carl heard of that idea, he immediately came to the realization that it was a feasible plan. He began to smile as he looked at the map.

“Nicole, you’re really amazing! This is the best idea ever.” Carl turned around and praised her in admiration.

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