Chapter 1453

“Don’t get your hopes up. We might’ve been able to solve the problems we have now, but we still have to study this matter closely and plan our next few steps in advance in preparation for the next time it happens,’ Nicole blurted, her words extinguishing Carl’s enthusiasm.

“Why are you doing this, raining on my parade and all?” Carl grumbled, though he went ahead and sat next to her at the very next second.

“When I arrived, I noticed that there only a few who would dare walk the streets, and that members of the Raven would randomly blend into the crowd and form groups of two to three. That’s not many, I know, but I think it’ll be best if our men avoid them for now. Though it’s difficult for us, we must solve this issue as discreetly as possible without doing anything abrupt or suspicious, lest we attract the attention of the Raven,” Nicole continued, summing up the things she had encountered in the city before this, and informing Carl about the dangers.

“So you’re saying that you encountered all of these when you came?” Carl asked, having keenly captured all of the details through Nicole’s words.

“I’m fine, however I was accosted by two people who were behaving suspiciously.” When Nicole said this, the scene of a car exploding right behind here appeared in her mind.

“Two people? Did they let you go, or did you help them out?” Carl looked into Nicole’s eyes and asked.

“Of course, I didn’t go around seeking trouble! I’ll have you know that I’m a harmless person!” Nicole looked at Carl with her eyebrows raised.

“Yeah right.” Carl retorted, not believing that claim that she was harmless at all.

“The point is, remember what I’ve said, and you’ll easily be able to avoid them. It seems that they have a clever scheme up their sleeves, so don’t make a scene out the tiniest of things before they unveil their major plan.’ Nicole looked into Carl’s eyes and warned.

“Don’t worry about it,” he replied. “I will remember whatever you’ve said to me clearly. Now, can you tell me about Cara?”

“I don’t know much about Cara. I have to find out more about them. The problem is that there are many guards patrolling the command post, so we must divide our men into two groups. One to lure the guards away and another to kill those within the command post.”

While talking, Nicole began to research on Cara on the computer while Carl looked at the map of the area they were going to infiltrate. ‘There are no tall buildings around. It’ll be difficult for us to snipe any of them because there isn’t a high ground. But then again, splitting into two groups is one way to deal with it. Still, it won’t be easy to overwhelm them if there are too many people in the area.’

Carl frowned while thinking of the possible scenarios. “Nicole, as far as our forces are concerned, I don’t think it’ll be wise to deploy too small a number, or else, we risk being easily outnumbered.”

“What you’ve pointed out is true. There shouldn’t be too few of us, considering the fact that there are a lot of guards patrolling the command post,” she replied.

“By the way, are there enough spare Beacons to go around?” Nicole suddenly remembered and asked.

“There’s not much left, but it’s more than enough for an entire elite squad,” Carl replied while looking at Nicole.

“That’s great. We must provide and equip the ones who will be deployed on this mission accordingly. We’ll find a solution to make up for the equipment that we are lacking later on,” Nicole planned.


“Come, take a look at this. This is the information I’ve found about Cara.” Nicole placed the computer on the table.

“Cara doesn’t seem to possess any valuable information. How could an ordinary person take a leading position in the Raven?” he asked.

“And what’s more important is, how do we secure Curley’s base of productions, and how could the leader of the Raven send such a person here? This makes no sense,” Carl said with a look of puzzlement.

“Since he is already leading the Raven, there must be something special about him. We can’t afford to overlook and underestimate him. Perhaps his way of getting things done is very distinct from the others in the Raven. Let your subordinates know that we are to pay more attention when we are fighting. Back down when things play out in unusual ways, and remember to not be fight reckless,” Nicole explained, having a hunch that Cara was a strange individual.

“Well, now that I think about it, seeing that that this is all we can find out about him, I must admit that there’s a lot that we still don’t know about him. Should we send some of our men out to collect some information about him?” Carl looked at Nicole and asked.

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