Chapter 1455

At the lobby, Carl had rallied a team of elites consisting of experienced and capable mercenaries handpicked from his ranks.

As he stood before them, he said, ’The task will be extremely difficult. Our mission is to capture and destroy the Raven’s command post.”

“Their leader goes by the name of Cara. He is a person without much combat experience on the field, but he has been under the wing of the man helming the Raven for the longest time, so his abilities are not to be underestimated.”

“This operation must be carried out with utmost caution. Fall back whenever you find that there is little resolve for the situation. Every single one of you are equally important, so do not wander off alone as a lone ranger, no matter what. Do you understand?”

Carl glanced at everyone with a serious expression.

“Sir yes sir!”

“Good, so here is the plan of action,” he began again.

“Jason and Yolli, the both of you will be in charge of this operation as squad leaders. From the base, use the zip line and make your way to the west side of the base. Upon reaching the enemy’s base, divide yourselves into two groups. Jason, you’re in charge of distracting the enemies and directing gunfire away. Yolli, you’re in charge of engaging the enemies at the command post. Make your immediate return once the mission has completed.”

“If the infiltration is a success, bring any useful information back to us, as well as some of Cara’s belongings. Use the original route for your return, and make sure that none of the outsiders can spot you,” Carl said, conveying Nicole’s words to the group of elites.

“And that is the strategy. If you encounter any problems during the operation, you may make your own decisions without reporting the situation to the base. Now, gather and check your equipment, everyone. If you have gotten everything you need, you may begin!” Carl looked at them and ordered.

“Yes, sir!”

The elite team proceeded to gather their equipment neatly before making a beeline for the small door leading out of the site. Carl then ordered one of them to open it, after which he watched as they left the base.

At the same time, the Raven, who were engaging in violent combat outside of the production base were unaware that the elite squad were slowly making their way to their command post.

To smoothen their process of sneaking out of the base, Carl ordered some of the troops to direct their line of fire away from the area where the elite squad was. The fight lasted all morning, with both sides becoming exhausted as noon approached. Soon after, the Raven began to retreat.

When Carl saw the Raven’s forces retreating, he became worried that something had occurred, whereupon he contacted one of his men at once to inquire about the intentions of the other party.

“C, the Raven seems to be readjusting. Some are resting and rearming themselves,” the man reported back.

“Well, if that’s the case. Keep an eye out on them and keep me updated if there are any recent movements on their part,” Carl ordered.

“Yes, sir!”

“Nicole, let’s go grab something to eat.’ Carl suggested, knowing that Nicole must be hungry after staying in the control room all morning.


At the cafeteria, Nicole looked at Carl and said, “Carl, the people whom you’ve assigned the mission to. Have you gotten any news from them?”

“Not yet,” Carl replied while looking at the time.

Nicole took a deep breath and kept mum. After the meal, she went back to her room to catch some sleep while Carl returned to the central control room to continue monitoring the situation outside.

Nicole sat down and took her phone out before opening the remote surveillance application on her device to see Fiorella sitting beside Jared, who was still lying motionless on his hospital bed. She was holding a book in her hand.

‘It seems that she is reading to Jared,’ Nicole thought upon seeing Fiorella stopping and glancing at Jared after reading a few sentences from her book.

Nicole then moved the surveillance camera around, and found that Jared and Fiorella were the only ones in the ward, with Martin being nowhere to be found.

“Where did that fool wander off to? I left Jared in his hands and he’s not even there. And why is Fiorella there too?” Nicole murmured, feeling completely dismayed.

Nicole proceeded to dial Martin’s number, and waited for him to answer.

“Nicole, are you okay?” Martin immediately answered Nicole’s call as he walked out of the meeting room.

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