Chapter 1458

Harvey had come to visit Jared at the hospital today, but when he entered, Martin was nowhere to be found. Instead, he was faced with the sight of Fiorella.

“Why are you here?” Harvey looked at Fiorella in surprise and asked.

“Mr. Ellison, are you here to visit Mr. Johnston?” Fiorella asked, ignoring the look of surprise on Harvey’s face.

Noticing that she had not bothered to answer his question, he looked at her and asked, “Judging from the fact that you’re this calm, I’m assuming that you’ve been coming here regularly, haven’t you?”

“What do you mean I’ve been coming here regularly? I have always been here accompanying him, okay?” Fiorella got up from her seat and poured herself a cup of water.

“Always been here accompanying Mr. Johnston? Am I hearing this right? Where’s Martin?” Harvey looked at Fiorella in disbelief and asked.

“Naturally, Dr. Wyance has other things he needs to tend to, so he didn’t show up today.” Fiorella looked at his shell-shocked expression, knowing that Martin had not told him any of this.

“Why this Martin. How can he let you in here when Nicole had entrusted Jared to him?” Harvey muttered about calling Martin.

Fiorella heard Harvey’s loud murmur, but she did not stop him. Instead, she returned to Jared’s hospital bed with her glass of water, whereupon she continued reading to him.

Harvey looked at Fiorella’s actions in shock before dialing Martin’s number.

“Martin, what are you doing? Why is Fiorella in Jared’s ward?” Harvey asked Martin in a low voice.

“You went to visit Jared? How is he?” Martin asked about how Jared was doing, ignoring Harvey’s question.

Harvey issued a sigh of defeat.

He glanced at Fiorella, after which he moved closer to the window and asked, “Martin, did you hear what I’m asking you? What’s going on with Fiorella?”

“Oh, you’re talking about her… I brought her here to take care of him. I’ve been running around, busy as a beaver as of recent,” Martin explained.

“But you can’t… You can’t ask help from her. If Nicole finds out, she’ll skin you alive!”

Harvey suddenly realized his voice was a little too loud and immediately lowered his volume.

“Don’t worry. Nicole is aware of it,” Martin replied to him calmly.

“What?! Nicole knew? And she agreed to it?” Harvey asked in surprise.

“Well, Nicole took this much better than you did,” Martin mocked. “If there’s nothing else, I’ve got to hang up. I’ve still got much to do here.”

“Okay then, I’ll talk to you later.” Harvey said and hung up, given the situation at hand.

Fiorella shot a bullet of a glance at Harvey before continuing to read.

Harvey then returned the glance and asked, “Are there any signs of Jared waking up?”


“Oh. Are you reading here?” Harvey took a glimpse of the book in her hand and casually asked.

“This is Mr. Johnston’s favorite book so I’m reading it to him.” Fiorella looked at Jared and said.

“Oh…go right on ahead, then. I have something I need to attend to so I’ll be leaving.” Harvey bade Fiorella goodbye and left the ward.

Then, Harvey looked at the bodyguard standing by the door and asked,” How long has Fiorella been taking care of Jared here?”

“It’s been several days,” the bodyguard replied.

Harvey gave him a slight nod, took another glimpse of the ward once more, and left.

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