Chapter 1461

“Oh, I see. You used me as an excuse,” Carl said.

“What excuse? It’s just that he isn’t worried because I’m safe around you.” Nicole rolled her eyes.

“Well, he’s going to be disappointed this time…” Carl sighed.

“Why are you being such a Debbie downer? This has not ended. We can turn the tables as long as we can capture Cara’s command post.” Nicole looked at him with confidence.

“Easier said than done. You’ve seen how our men ended up after that last attempt. It’s just too tall of an order for us,” Carl said with a look of defeat.

“This is not the Carl I know. What did you go through that turned you into someone like this? Where did the courageous and optimistic Carl go?!” Nicole looked at him, her eyes brimming with passion and fury.

“It’s not an issue of confidence. It’s just that we’ve been cornered like prey. We don’t have enough equipment or weapons. I’m just worried that…” Carl stopped mid-sentence.

“Don’t lose hope. You’re not fighting alone. I’m here with you. We’ve overcome many predicaments, and we will overcome this one too! There’s nothing we can’t do!” Nicole encouraged with a look of affirmation.

He looked at Nicole’s assuring gaze and the passion in his eyes lit up. ‘She’s right. She’s here with me too. We’ve gone through so many battles, so this is nothing! Nothing compared to what we’ve faced in the past.’

“It’s nice to have you here, Nicole. It feels like we’re in the past completing missions once again.” Carl smiled at Nicole.

“Yeah, think about how we used to overcome our difficulties and complete our missions. We can do it this time too!” she said.

“Come on, let’s head back to study the map.” Nicole took the last sip of her coffee and made her way back to the meeting room.

Carl and Nicole then went on to discover ways to deal with the Raven’s command post throughout the entire afternoon. When the sky had darkened, Carl brought two cups of instant noodles over, whereupon they continued coming up with a plan while eating.

The next day, after the sun had risen to brighten the day, Carl was asleep on the table while Nicole was still coming up with a plan to capture the post.

“It’s finally done!” Nicole exclaimed in joy, forgetting that Carl had fallen asleep next to her.

Her loud voice immediately woke Carl up, and he stared at her in a daze. “What happened? Did Cara attack us?!”

“No, Carl. I found a way to resolve the problem that we were facing last night!” Nicole walked over and told him happily.

“For real?!” Carl exclaimed, shocked and excited.

“Yes! Come have a look.” Nicole pointed at the map and proceeded to present her idea to him.

Carl listened to her as his eyes widened.

He looked at Nicole and said, “This is a brilliant idea! You’re a genius, Nicole! But wait. You’ve been up for the whole night, haven’t you?”

Carl felt bad for Nicole. He was a little too exhausted last night and could only recall looking at Nicole as she studied the map intently before he fell asleep.

“I’m fine. I’ll just make up for my sleep later,” Nicole said, looking knackered.

“Just get some sleep now and leave the rest to me,” he replied.

“I’m really fine…”

But as she was about to complete her sentence, Carl interrupted her.

“No, don’t work on this anymore. Just go to sleep. You’re my dam – No, you’re my angel.” Carl smiled as he pushed Nicole out of the meeting room.

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