Chapter 1462

“Alright, alright. I’ll go to sleep, okay? But please, look into it carefully, since you’re more familiar with this place than I am. There can’t be any loopholes, so we must succeed this time!” Nicole turned to remind him.

“Sure, don’t worry about it. I’ll be extra attentive. I’ll still need you to double-check it in the end, so please, get some rest.” Carl just wanted Nicole to have some sleep.

“Okay, I’ll go catch some rest. Just come and find me if you need me,” she said.

“Yup, got it.” Carl then returned to the meeting room.

In truth, he did not expect Nicole to come up with a plan overnight.

With that said, he proceeded to study the geography of the place as he thought, ‘Nicole really did provide me with massive aid for this plan. I’ve got to better it as much as I can, so that the chances of us failing again are close to none.’

Then, night came.

Two squads went on to sneak out of the tiny door of their base, fully geared and armed. They were headed toward the riverside and when they got there, Nicole led them across the river, followed by Carl. In the dead of night, and under the cover of darkness, both Nicole and Carl brought the two teams to the command post nearby.

“Carl, seen anything on your end?” she asked.

“I’m going to assess the enemy’s formation.” Carl took his binoculars out and stood at the best position he could find as he poked his head out carefully, attempting to get a good look on their positioning.

But after looking at it for a bit, his face turned sour. “Nicole, they have changed their formations… No one is out there.”

Nicole scoffed. “Seems like I was right. Plan B, let’s go.”

Carl could not help but smile. “Thank God for your plan B. Got it, I’ll send the troops in.”

In a dark room in the command post, stood a man with a gun in his right hand, while on the other, were two walnuts which he fiddled with. He was looking out of the window with a cold expression on his face.

Soon, another man barged into the room and knelt over. “Sir! Our targets have taken the bait.”

The man stopped fiddling with the walnuts and chuckled.” They’re here? What are we waiting for then? This time…

don’t let them get away!”


Accompanying the man’s cold laughter was the crushing of the walnuts, their bits scattering on the floor.

His subordinate, who was shocked, quickly turned around and left.

The man stood up and walked out of the room. He then took his pair of binoculars out and eyed the exterior of the command post from above, gazing at the “ants” who were sneaking in.

‘Judging by the number of people here, it seems that they have sent all of their troops,’ he thought.

After all, the man had been luring them in for several days.’ They do not have many resources, so this must be their final battle.’

“Prepare yourselves. We’ll get them all this time. Every single one of them!” The man belted out in a chilling fit of laughter as the lurid scar ran down the corner of his eye.

“Yes, sir!” His men nodded and got ready for battle.

As swift as they could be, Nicole and Carl’s army began the siege.

The man immediately shouted, “Fire!”

The people in the area immediately knew that they had been tricked, after which the team leader shouted, “Find cover!”

All of them dispersed at once, resulting in an uncoordinated mess as the fight devolved into chaos.

The man was absolutely delighted at the sight of it. ‘Doesn’t seem like we had to waste much ammo to get these people here today!’

Both sides engaged in a frenzied shootout, littering the ground with bullet cases and the air with the sound of booming gunfire.

And finally, after what seemed to be forever, one of the parties ceased attacking.

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