Chapter 1463

The man smiled with delight. ‘Hah, they probably ran out of ammo!’

Unfortunately, he was right. Carl’s men did indeed run out of ammo.

Then, he quickly waved his arm and exclaimed, “Halt! Capture those who are still alive. Don’t waste your ammo. These people aren’t worth it.”

“Yes, sir!” His men stopped firing and ran out of the command post, rushing toward the bunkers to quickly surround it.

Carl’s men, who here hiding behind their covers, were all pale as sheet. They had already thrown their guns on the ground and lifted their hands in surrender.

“Don’t shoot… W-We’re out of ammo!” One of the men surrendered with his trembling arms raised, trying to explain himself as he was afraid that he would get a bullet to the head.

Watching as his enemies were being surrounded, the Raven commander walked out from the dark, smug and satisfied.

“Sir! We’ve rounded up a total of 17 people,” one of his men said.

Though the commander had no clue as to how many people were on Carl’s team, he knew that they could not halt their attack as long as they had backup. Besides, some of the one present were Zane’s elite mercenaries. Nonetheless, he was brimming with joy at the sight of these highly-trained men raising their arms in defeat.

“I wasn’t expecting the legendary mercenaries working for Zane to be this weak! You were all probably hiding in your base, huh? You bunch of wimps!” he barked.

Jason looked upset, and even though he had also raised his hands in defeat, his eyes were brimming with hatred.

But then, a voice echoed in his ear. “Calm down.”

The gentle lady sounded confident, causing him to simmer down at once.

“You’re screwed because you chose to follow the wrong person!” The commander took his pistol and pointed the muzzle at Jason’s head.

Jason’s eyes narrowed in an instant.

Even if Carl had gotten him to act like he was surrendering, he had pride as a mercenary. He did not fear death.

Jason glared at the man and asked, “You’re Cara, right?”

The man was furious when he saw Jason’s gaze. “Who are you to ask who I am? How dare you glare at me?! Why don’t you ask the grim reaper yourself?!”

Through gritted teeth, Carl said, “Nicole! We won’t be able to ascertain that man’s identity in time. Let’s attack!”

In response, Nicole hesitated and said, “Save our men first.” It was then that Carl saw that the commander was going to shoot Jason at any given moment. He had no time to think, so he quickly took aim with his gun at the commander’s hand.

Just when Jason thought he was about to die, he heard a bang, and the man’s hand erupted with blood before his eyes, splattering droplets onto his face. At that moment, he was so stunned that he could not even blink.

“ARGH!!!” The man issued a piercing shriek into the night as he fell to the ground. “My hand! Someone is ambushing us!”

His men quickly surrounded him as they formed a human shield around him!

At the same time, Jason grabbed the pistol from the floor and started shooting at them!

With Jason’s lead, the people who had faked their surrender began to attack them alongside Carl.

Soon after, the Raven’s numbers dwindled, and the commander was momentarily saved. But no matter how much they tried, they could not seem to shoot anyone.

“Sir! I think… We’ve fallen into their trap!” The commander’s subordinate flushed, his body was covered in blood.

Seeing his comrade die had almost made the man wet himself.

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