Chapter 1464

“Imbeciles! You’re all idiots! Is this how you spy on your enemies? None of you noticed that there was an ambush!” the commander yelled, the pain in his hand akin to it being crushed into a million pieces. He was furious at his men who had failed to spot the trap!

Carl wasted no time. He rushed toward the man and took care of his remaining lackeys while Jason and Yolli pinned the three people down.

Carl then walked up to the man with his rifle in hand and stomped on his broken hand.

That man yelled at the top of his lungs in pain. “Go to hell! Just kill me if you’re bold enough!”

However, all Carl did was look at him coldly as he asked, in a condescending tone of voice, “Are you Cara?”

The man froze for a second before he a cold smirk crossed his face. “Hah. You thought I was Cara, huh? Could have gotten an Oscar for all the acting, don’t you think?

Unfortunately… you don’t have what it takes to meet him!”

Carl, who was shocked, instantly felt that something awful was going to happen!

‘D*mn it! This man isn’t Cara! Where is Cara?’ he thought.

Suddenly, he heard the loud crack of a pistol discharging behind him.

Concurrently, he heard Nicole shouting, “Carl! Watch out!”

Carl dodged in the nick of time, the bullet missing him by a hair’s breadth, and whizzed right past him!

“Ugh!” The bullet landed right on the neck of the man whom Carl was stepping on, his blood spurting all over the place.

Carl was flabbergasted by the sight of it. ‘What’s happening?’

Unfortunately, it was then that he realized that he had fallen right into his opponent’s trap. Still, Carl was not expecting the person he was dealing with to kill one of their own.

Three gunshots then echoed across the post, and upon hearing them, Carl yelled, “Return fire!”

Jason and Yolli immediately found cover with their men and began retaliating with volleys of their own.

However, their enemies were on high ground, and their disadvantage quickly became apparent in the battle.

Jason gritted his teeth. “Nicole, we can’t hold on for much longer!”

‘What’s Nicole waiting for? We’re trapped!’ he thought.

Nicole held her sniper rifle tightly in the dark. ‘The man behind all of this is going to show himself soon! I can’t expose myself now!’

After three minutes, Carl surmised that he could no longer defend against his enemies’ heavy fire anymore. He retreated to the wall of the command post and hid himself. Few of his men were left critically injured, but Yolli and his unit risked their lives to drag their injured comrades to a safe spot.

The gunshots then stopped.

Nicole forced herself to calm down as she looked at her bleeding comrades.

Suddenly, the speakers crackled and a peal of creepy laughter blared out of them.

“Heh heh. Zane’s men are really something else. Still, isn’t it a little ridiculous for you to think that you could capture me like this?” the voice asked in a mocking tone of voice, echoing across the command post.

Nicole’s face darkened at an instant. ‘This man is a cunning one. He’s more than prepared for this.’

After she had calmed herself down, she switched her watch on and a holographic depiction of entire internal structure of the command post appeared before her. ‘He’s got to be somewhere in here if he’s using the speakers…’

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