Chapter 1465

Nicole flashed an evil smile and yelled. “I found him!”

Carl then brought Jason, Yolli, and the rest of the unit in as they hunkered down behind covers. The wound on Carl’s arm had already started to bleed.

Jason was a little confused, “Okay, what is she doing?”

Carl shot him a glance and maintained his silence. Although none of them could understand why Nicole had blatantly chosen to do nothing as they were getting injured and cornered, Carl had worked with her for several years, and thus, he knew that she had something up her sleeve.

Hence, the only thing he needed to do was to trust her and await her orders quietly, whereupon they would likely storm into the building and take the fight within alongside Nicole.

Carl then gave it a little thought and laughed aloud. “Hah! Hah! It pains me to think that someone as infamous as you are would actually be scrambling about, hiding like a sewer rat in broad daylight, C. You don’t even have the nuts to show yourself! Instead, you got your lackeys to play the stunt double! What the hell are you, if you’re not a d*mn coward!”

The speakers fell silent for a moment, after which the eerie voice said, “Meet you, and you alone? You’re in over your head, you Turmann family punk!”

Carl’s gaze darkened at once. He was not expecting Cara to have traced his family background. It seemed to him that it would be unwise to underestimate his enemy’s capabilities, and while Cara was truly trick for him to deal with, he must force the latter to show himself, nonetheless. Only then could Nicole think of a plan.

As he thought about it, Carl took a step forward, “Since you already know who I am, why don’t I get myself acquainted with the great C before I die, huh? I want to see if this figure alone is comparable to the Turmann family!”

At that moment, everyone was stunned. They did not expect that Carl, one of their top brass working for Zane, was a member of the Turmann family. Such was why Carl had

such an imposing presence about him, even at such a young age.

In the meantime, everyone who had met Carl’s gaze began to have more respect for him. Yet after his speech had ended, the speaker remained silent without a response.

Time passed in utter silence, and soon, cold sweat began dripping from everyone’s forehead.

Nicole had now found Cara’s possible position, and that was when she got one of her snipers to take aim. However, she could not leave Carl. Even if Cara really appeared, she had to first keep Carl safe.

Carl became very nervous when he saw that nobody was showing up, even after a long time. He got enraged at an instant, and walked out of the shadows to empty the magazine in his handgun skyward.

“What’s up? You regard the Turmann family with such disdain, and yet you fear a man with no bullets left in his gun! What a coward!” Carl yelled out.

Nicole could not help but break out in cold sweat for Carl as she thought, ‘This dude is too reckless! What does he think is going to happen if they have a sniper!?’

Unexpectedly, after a minute, the floor opposite of Carl opened up into a secret passage. A then stairway appeared before him.

“You’ve got some balls! Come on in then, and I’ll let you die as a man of knowledge, “Cara’s voice emanated from within.

Carl, who was shocked for a moment, thought, ‘This man is really cautious!’

Meanwhile, Nicole, who had noticed something wrong, yelled, “Don’t go in!”

Although she had already pinpointed the enemy’s exact location, she realized that they were holed up in an underground chamber. As of now, she could not find a route into the chamber.

Carl heard her, and it was then that he smiled. “Nicole, I believe you will find a way.”

Nicole was taken aback by his words at once. “Carl! Don’t be stupid!”

Carl was just worried they would discover that was not the commanding officer. With this in mind, he discreetly removed the earpiece while wiping the blood of his comrades off his face. Then, he threw his handgun away and strode into the opening to the underground chamber.

Nicole’s eyes quickly turned red. ‘I can’t believe that he has so much trust on me!’

Nicole did not have much time to think. She knew that she could not hide anymore, and as such, se swiftly turned the holographic projection on and searched for an alternate passage to the secret chamber.

Meanwhile, Carl had already made his way into the dark passageway. Jason and Yolli attempted to catch up, but just as they had taken two steps forward, the Raven sniper hidden in the distance fired two warning shots into the ground before they feet, deterring them.

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