Chapter 1466

Jason and Yolli could only watch helplessly as Carl entered the underground chamber. Then, the entrance on the floor closed shut.

‘Damnit! Nicole! What the hell are you doing?!”

“You want to see Carl die?”

Although both cursed through the earpiece, Nicole did not respond. Instead, both of them glanced at each other.

Nicole was not usually like this.

‘Could it be that Nicole was already killed?’ Thinking of this, both of their faces went pale, and they immediately fell into despair.

Carl walked down the underground passageway step by step. Then, after coming down the last step, a figure suddenly popped out, striking the back of his head hard.

“Oof!” Carl grunted and fell. The next moment, he felt two people carrying and dragging him forward. The hellish training in the past enabled Carl to keep his consciousness under the effects of a heavy hit. He persevered until the two men brought him into a room.

The room surroundings were an intricate computer facility. It was able to see every place inside and outside the commanding center.

Carl immediately understood why he was ambushed before this. It turns out they had prepared early on. This particular point even surpassed what he and Nicole had thought of.

Carl’s eyes were blurry, but he seemed to be conscious. The man at the head laughed out playfully. Step by step, he walked over, “So young and so well-trained. It’s truly a shame to just die like this.”

Carl immediately understood, and his predictions were correct. Cara let him come down just to grant him amnesty. The man before him kneeled with glee. One of his hands pinched Carl’s chin, “Stinking brat. Your mouth is foul, and you hurt many of my men. But if you are willing to follow me and let me use your Turmann family’s weapons in the future, I can pardon your lowly life. How would it be?”

Carl finally saw the man’s face now. Although it was a man, he seemed to look like a drag queen. His narrow eyes seemed to be oozing sluttiness.

“Ptui, you pansy!” Carl cursed out weakly. Cara spat right on his face after he heard Carl call him a pansy. He

immediately flew into a rage and raised his hand to punch him. With a bang, Carl immediately saw stars.

“You really think that just because you’re a member of the Turmann family, I won’t dare to kill you?” He hated being called that word the most, as he was called that throughout his life. He was not a pansy at all and only looked like this!

“Come, men. Mince him for me and feed him to the dogs!” Cara was utterly furious. His eyes were filled with bloodlust, and he wanted Carl to be mincemeat!

Carl instead laughed, “He he he… he he…”

Blood dripped from the corner of his lips, but the smile was eerie and cold. He seemed not to be the slightest bit afraid. Cara immediately felt the veins on his temple pop, “What are you laughing about?”

Carl did not answer. Cara was instantly in a rage and held onto his hair. He forced Carl to meet his eyes, “What are you smiling about?!”

Carl’s gaze grew cold, and he spat a bloody spit at Cara’s face. Cara subconsciously blinked, but he heard Carl say a sentence in his ear, “I smiled because you, nameless pawn, are not worthy of being worked up for!”

The next moment, Cara heard the two men holding Carl cry out in agony, “Ah!”

When Cara instinctively opened his eyes, a handgun unexpectedly pressed his forehead. The cool feeling of the barrel made Cara’s eyes immediately widen.

Then he immediately saw a stunning face appear in front of him. Cara was stunned, “Who are you?! How did you come in here?!”

His secret chamber was personally set up with a superencrypted password! Even the best hacker in the world would be unable to crack it. It would be impossible for someone to come in.

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