Chapter 1467

When Carl came down, he ultimately did not see anyone else come down!

Nicole smiled brightly, “I was… here all along just now.”

Cara instantly froze and remembered the two people who carried Carl. One of them had a skinnier frame than usual and was actually not one of his men!

’When did she replace my men? Did I actually let her into the secret room? Only me and my closest subordinates could enter!’ He thought to himself.

In other words, his men were still outside. Only he and the two subordinates were in the underground room. Carl had already wiped the blood from the comer of his lips and stood up. Then, grumbling, he ranted at Nicole, “You were too slow at making a move. Did you purposely let me get punched once?”

Nicole did not even turn around to reply, “Who let you take the liberty of facing dangers by yourself? This is a lesson for you to remember in the future.”

Seeing that the two clashed with each other arrogantly, Cara’s expression turned vicious, “You are just two prepubescent little bastards, and you want to capture me? You’re overreaching yourselves!”

When he finished speaking, he dodged to the side and escaped from Nicole’s gun. However, Nicole had predicted his movements earlier and did not shoot in panic. Instead, she used the butt of the firearm to hammer into his head directly.

As a thirty-year-old man, it was the first time he was hit on the head. Cara could only feel humiliation and immediately launched an attack on Nicole. Nicole’s gaze turned cold, and she swiftly countered his attacks. The man’s attacks were ferocious. Compared to the others she had encountered, his skills were odd. Yet, Nicole stayed unmoving to his barrage. After a few exchanges, her gaze became chillier, and she directly swung to Cara’s side and fired a shot at his knees.

Whoop!! The alarm suddenly rang throughout the basement.

Cara laughed smugly,” Ha-ha, you truly assumed you could capture me like this! My secret chamber has alarms and traps everywhere! So you are utterly unable to get out!”

Nicole saw his crazy smug smile but smiled even more brightly, “Are those the alarms?”

Cara quickly felt something was wrong and turned around instinctively and saw the computer screens. Unexpectedly, the screens had all unknowingly turned static!

‘My trap systems are… crashing?!’ He thought. The trap designs he took pride in had all turned to harmless bubbles before Nicole, and nothing was left of them. This feeling of humiliation was never felt before by him since his birth. Cara, at that moment, had all his sanity consumed.

“I’m going to kill you!” Although this girl seemed not older than twenty, she was too detestable.

Nicole noticed something wrong but did not expect Cara to raise his head. The retina scanner above the secret room immediately scanned his retina. She missed that spot and did not expect other devices to be available. A loud boom sounded. Nicole and Carl heard the sound of a massive explosion. Then they saw the situation outside from the surveillance devices, starting from the outer ring.

“This commanding center actually has bombs!” Carl was immediately stunned and did not expect this person to be so insane.

Never mind him killing his subordinates: when he went crazy, he wanted to bury the whole commanding center!

“All of you will die here!” After saying this, Cara chose a direction and ran off instantly. It was apparent he still had a contingency.

“You want to run? Impossible!” Nicole’s gaze was cold and shot his other leg.

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