Chapter 1472

If it were not an emergency, Zeke would not have sent her such a text. The situation may have become critical.

With a few taps on the keyboard, Nicole managed to find Zeke’s location. It was a hotel.

“This bastard. Even in danger, he’s still a spoiled brat. He’s actually staying at such a hotel? Did he really think he’ll be fine as long as his information is erased?”

Nicole let out a sigh and hacked into the hotel’s system. She quickly retrieved Zeke’s erased information and found his room number.

To get a better idea of the situation, Nicole hacked into the security system and viewed the security camera on Zeke’s floor.

She rewound the CCTV recording a few minutes back and saw a few muscular men appear in front of Zeke’s room.

When Nicole spotted the leader, her eyes and face darkened. “Him?”

She gave it some thought for a while and pressed fast forward.

Sure enough, after a short moment, Zeke’s room exploded!

‘These people, how dare they act this rashly?! They planted a bomb in such a public place!

‘This group of people made such a huge commotion at Lanningbourg. On top of that, they were going after Zeke and me. Where are these people from?’

Nicole’s fists were clenched tightly while she stared at the screen.

After a moment, Nicole saw Zeke, whose body was bloody, carrying the man who had entered his room. With the help of two other men, Zeke escaped from the place hurriedly.

But within a minute, a group of men in black appeared in the corridor.

Before Nicole could get a good look at those men’s faces, the camera footage was cut off.

“They dare at this way in Lanningbourg? These people aren’t normal…” Nicole snorted and broke into a cold sweat.

Looking at her watch, she discerned that it had been roughly twenty minutes since Zeke had left the hotel.

Zeke was carrying a wounded man, so it would be difficult for him to escape a huge group of people.

Nicole rewatched the CCTV recording of Zeke’s escape thrice and noticed a new watch on Zeke’s wrist.

Noting the model, she turned her gaze and immediately investigated the coding forthat limited edition smartwatch. Then, she sent a signal through the satellite.

“Pick it up, you fool.”

The watch rang for a long while, but no one picked it up. Nicole’s heart was getting heavier and heavier.

This guy… Could he be…?

“Hello? l-isthis Nicole?”

Zeke’s voice, filled with sobs and trembling, finally came through from the other end of the line.

“Zeke? Please keep the call connected! I’ll pin down your location right now,” Nicole yelled as she locked down Zeke’s location. Then, she sent it to Carl’s phone.

When Zeke heard Nicole’s voice, he sobbed even more,” Nicole… be quick. M-my dad… he’s…”

Nicole’s hands froze in an instant. In her mind’s eye, she clearly saw Zeke carrying Karlo on his back when he was leaving the hotel. But his back had been covered in blood.

It was probably from the explosion. Karlo probably got hurt while trying to protect Zeke.

“I know. I’ve sent my people to find you. Three minutes. Just hold on for three more minutes!”

Carl could do a quick job, and Zeke’s location was fairly easy to find. Within three minutes, Carl will be able to find Zeke.

“But why was your dad at the hotel?” Nicole was confused about why Karlo would appear in Lanningbourg and beat people to death.

‘He was the commander of Hustuaburg, and it’s practically taboo to go to a foreign country. On top of that, he wasn’t wearing his uniform. That means that his trip to Lanningbourg was a secret and done of his own accord.*

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