Chapter 1474

Zeke followed Nicole’s instructions and hid under the bridge.

After a while, that group of men got to the bridge but did not see Zeke at all.

“Damn it, we lost him! Keep looking!” the leader of the group ordered. The rest ran up the bridge.

Before the leader left, he glanced at the bottom of the bridge.

But after giving it some thought, he decided to go up the bridge to find their target.

At that moment, Zeke’s heart was pounding very quickly, but he covered his mouth as he dared not breathe loudly.

Hearing the footsteps fade away, Zeke released a big breath of relief.

“Get out. Quickly head back and find your dad. Carl and the rest have reached the place.”

Zeke almost broke into tears in that instant. ‘That’s great… I knew I could count on Nicole.’

He thought about it no more and followed Nicole’s instructions to head back with the shortest route.

As expected, Zeke saw Carl and a few people carrying his dad into the car.

Once Carl noticed Zeke, he said franticly, “You bastard!

Where did you go?!”

‘He sent an SOS text. And yet, he ran away. I didn’t know where to find him at all!’

“Nicole asked me to lure the attackers away,” Zeke said while panting heavily.

“Nicole?” Carl was a little stunned.

Zeke immediately pointed to his watch. “She hacked the system and contacted me.”

Carl immediately understood that Nicole made all of this happen. Otherwise, Carl would only be met with Zeke’s dead body now.

“Let’s go. Your dad’s wound seems critical!”

Zeke nodded and followed Carl out of the alley.

However, they found an ambulance following behind an unplated black car. Karlo was already being carried into the ambulance.

Carl looked at Zeke, who was in shock. “It was Nicole who instructed us to call an ambulance.”

Zeke could not hold it in anymore. His eyes began to water.

‘Luckily, Nicole had helped… Otherwise, my dad would have been…’

Carl did not spare any time to watch Zeke in deep thought. Instead, he pulled Zeke into the car.

The black car’s door closed, and with the ambulance following behind, both vehicles drove out of the alley.

A crowd had gathered to witness the scene. Behind the crowd, the men in black went struggled, but they could not squeeze through the crowd.

The leader could only make a report through his headset.” Boss… That man was taken away by someone powerful.”

After about ten minutes, Carl brought Zeke and Karlo back to the base.

Nicole was already waiting for Zeke at the door. She had to speak to Zeke personally to clarify certain things.

Once Zeke got out of the car, he saw Nicole and ran toward her. “Nicole!”

Sobbing, Zeke wanted to hug her.

However, the collar of his shirt was pulled from behind.

Carl looked at him in annoyance. “You little brat! Don’t even think about it.”

Carl did not even dare do such a thing. He would not let Zeke do so!

Zeke could only gloomily put down his hands and say,” Nicole, please save my dad. To protect me, his head sustained injuries from the bomb. His head was bleeding a lot…” Zeke described Karlo’s situation as he panicked.

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