Chapter 1475

At that moment, Karlo was being pushed out of the ambulance. Nicole took a glance at Karlo’s wound, and her eyes darkened.

‘Damn it! How did he get hurt so badly?’

Nicole did not have the time to question Zeke further. She immediately told the others, “Quick, prepare an operating theater for me. The patient needs surgery immediately!”

Although Zeke knew that his dad’s injury was critical, he did not expect to get such a strong reaction from Nicole. Zeke immediately felt his heart wrench. “Nicole, my dad… he’s…”

“We’re running out of time. I’ll have to get ready for the operation. Carl, take care of Zeke.”

“Roger.” Carl nodded. When he saw that heavy expression on Nicole’s face, Carl knew how serious the situation was.

The medical team at the base sent the patient to the emergency room.

Nicole did not have enough time to change her clothes. She quickly did a simple sanitizing process and immediately went to work.

Karlo indeed tried his best to save his son, even using his own body as a shield.

Karlo’s right cheek was disfigured. His skull showed signs of comminuted fracture, and there was shrapnel around it.

Adding things up with Zeke’s description of his blood loss, Nicole concluded that the shrapnel had entered Karlo’s brain.

The longer it took for the shrapnel to be removed, the more extensive the damage to the patient.

After all, Karlo is the commander of Hustuaburg. If anything happened to someone in this position at Lanningbourg, it might cause international tension.

The mess Zeke got himself into this time was a big one.

Nicole took a deep breath and suppressed her anger. Then, she picked up a scalpel and skillfully operated on Karlo.

However, Karlo’s wound was too deep. Even if his body was as fit as a horse’s after years of training, the head was the most fragile area of the body.

Nicole quickly identified the number of pieces of shrapnel in Karlo’s brain. Three of them were in the most critical areas!

If it were not for Nicole’s intervention at the rescue, Karlo would have been dead already.

However, Nicole was not confident that Karlo would fully recover after the surgery.

Time passed second by second, minute by minute. And in the blink of an eye, a few hours had passed.

The sweat on Nicole’s forehead had never stopped dripping. Yet, her hands were still stable and sure. Even Nicole’s assistant surgeon from the base was impressed by her incredible skills.

He would never have been able to perform such a perfect operation for a patient like this within a few hours.

Finally, the last piece of shrapnel was extracted. Nicole heaved a sigh of relief and began to close things up.

The wound on her arm was so painful that she had almost lost her senses from those few hours of grueling work.

Nicole took a step back. “I’ll let you do the sutures.”

Carl’s subordinates, even if it was just a medical team, would be of an international level. Suturing should not be difficult for them to perform.

When Nicole passed over the tools, the doctor felt honored and nodded. “Understood. I’ll make sure to do it with care.”

Nicole nodded in relief. Then, she walked out.

When she left the operating theater, she looked at her watch. It had already been six hours. No wonder the wound on her body was causing her such pain.

Just as she pushed the door open, Zeke immediately ran to her. “Nicole, how’s my dad?”

Nicole sighed.

Zeke suddenly felt as if his world had crumbled. “H-he’s d- dead?”

Zeke’s dad was the commander of Hustuaburg. If Karlo died on foreign land, how would Zeke explain it to the family and all the country’s leaders?

When Nicole saw Zeke’s fearful look, she sighed again. “Do you really doubt my skills?”

All the patients she had operated on had never died in her hands. Zeke was really underestimating her.

Hearing those words, Zeke was stunned for a moment.

Then, his expression changed from sadness to joy. “He’s okay?”

Carl let out a relieved sigh. “I told you. As long as it’s Nicole, your dad will come back to life!”

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