Chapter 1476

Over the past few hours, Carl had been listening to Zeke blaming himself incessantly, and that was driving him up the wall.

Having witnessed Carl’s arrogance in the way he spoke, Nicole could not help but roll her eyes at him. “Since when were you an expert in matters related to medicine?”

Carl stopped and became silent at once. “It’s not…”

However, when he noticed that Nicole did not look like she was fine at all, he asked, “Was the operation unsuccessful?”

Nicole shook her head. “It was successful. But the shrapnel were embedded in the most vital areas of his head, and so, his brain has been wounded. If he can regain his consciousness tonight, he will be fine. If he doesn’t…then I’m not certain if he ever will.”

Indeed, it would take a long time for one to recover from damage done to the nerves in the brain.

Then, Zeke’s expression of joy dissipated, reverting to one of sadness and disappointment. “How could this be…?”

His dad was the commander of Hustuaburg, and had faced one too many battles and perils in life. In spite of the fact that he had been on the brink of death more than once, he had successfully cheated death every single time. Yet, Zeke could not help but wonder why the injury that his old man had sustained this time was so fatal.

“Stay strong.” Nicole stretched her hand out and patted

Zeke in the shoulder. “I need you to understand that your dad is in a rather unique position. It’s impossible for him to leave the country with ease. I guess he must have gotten himself on a private trip just to find you, this time around. You better give your grandpa a call right away and come up with an excuse before your dad returns. Otherwise, word will soon reach the leaders that your dad has deserted his post. Everything will become much more complicated than it already is.”

As thing stood, Nicole already had enough issues to take care of. The last thing she wanted was to get herself into a situation with the Guzman family.

It was only then did Zeke came to his senses. “I got it. I’ll call grandpa now.”

Then, he walked to the other end of the corridor in restless fashion and called his grandfather.

Carl looked at him and frowned. “Is his phone protected with some form of encryption? If the people who are after him manages to track his signal, will he…?”

Nicole shook her head, “That’s not important now.

Previously, he needed an encryption to conceal his identity. He didn’t want his dad to know that he had gotten himself into hot soup, so he came here to hide. Now that Karlo has been mortally wounded, he no longer cares about his true identity being revealed.”

As Nicole spoke, her face assumed a solemn expression. “I really want to know how those people will react once they realize that they had injured the commander of Hustuaburg.”

It was then that loud, ceaseless screams began to fill a dark room.

A few large, burly men had collapsed after having being beaten on the ground. None of them dared to fight back, as they laid there, taking blow after blow.

“Sir, we know we messed up.”

“We did not do our job well.”

“Sir, I did not know that the one who had cracked the system is the son of Commander Guzman…”

“Sir, please forgive us!”

Even as the men went on to grovel in every way they knew, the man in black continued ordering the merciless beating of the men as punishment for their inability to complete their task. They only stopped when the people were completely beaten to a pulp.

The man in black was wearing a black leather mask, rendering it impossible to see what he actually looked like. However, the viciousness in his eyes was apparent, as his gaze was piercing enough to intimidate everyone in the room. Anyone who looked into his eyes would tremble.

The beatings finally ended soon after, with the man who had led the operation mustering all of the strength he had left in him to get up and kneel.

Then, he apologized to the man in black. “Sir…please give me another chance. I’ll be sure to help you reclaim what was yours…”

The man in black snorted, “Reclaim what was mine?”

Those very words made everyone tremble, with the team leader being so frightened that he bowed down, waiting for the man in black to say or do something.

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