MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 1959-With that in mind, Nicole did not resist.

However, Nolan responded by puffing his cheeks up angrily.

“Nicole, where have you been staying for the past two days? Were you staying in your new house with Jared?” Gloria asked.

My new house?’ Nicole asked herself.

Taken aback and not knowing what to say, Nicole remained silent.

But it was then that Jared smiled and said, “Yeah. She has been staying in our manor lately. I had decorated the master bedroom years ago, and nothing has changed.”

Though he had uttered those words affectionately, Nicole was still shocked. ‘God! The place that I’ve been staying in was the bedroom for him and his wife! It’s so strange that I haven’t noticed that at all…’

“That’s good. After all, you guys are married… and it’s only right for you two to stay together,” Gloria agreed, although her eyes still betrayed hints of reluctance.

Having noticed that, Jared smiled and said, “Don’t worry. If Nicole wants to come back for the upcoming days, she’s free to do so…”

Nicole immediately agreed upon hearing that. “I do want to come back and live here.

‘He had forcibly kissed me twice now,’ she thought. ‘It’s too dangerous for me to stay under the same roof as this man. I’ve got to seize the opportunity and move out of that house.’

Besides, Nicole really wanted to spend some time with her family.

Even though Jared felt a little unhappy that she had made that decision without any hesitation, he was not going to go back on his word, “Sure. I’ll move in here with you, then.”

He would never leave Nicole again no matter what.

Nicole was just about to turn him down when she suddenly heard Gloria saying, “Good! That settles it. Alfred, would you please clean the biggest bedroom on the second floor for Nicole and her husband?”

“I’m on it!” Alfred responded and headed upstairs with a servant at once.

Nicole was shocked. ‘What’s going on? Why did Gloria tell him to clean one room only? Come on. I only came to live here because I wanted to get rid of him! How wonderful. Now my own mother wants me to stay in the same room as him.’

“Uhm… I…” Nicole uttered, wanting to request a room just for herself.

However, Jared had already predicted what she would say.

He quickly interrupted her and said to Gloria, “Thank you, Mom. Please prepare a room for Nolan too.”

Upon hearing that, Gloria replied, “That’s for sure. We’ve turned the remaining two guest rooms into nurseries. We’ll have it cleaned up for Nolan!”

Mrs. Wallace Sr. and Tia had been staying with them while Sean and Steve had both gotten married in the past two years, so they had converted the two extra rooms into two individual nurseries. However, their wives had not been pregnant yet, and no one was expecting that Nicole would be the first person to use one of the rooms. Gloria was absolutely delighted by this.

When Nicole heard that… she knew that there were no extra rooms left for her. So, she swallowed the words she was about to say.

‘Whatever. It’s no big deal. There’s probably a couch in there. I’ll just sleep on that,’ she concluded.

Noticing that something was not right, Nolan immediately said, “I want to sleep with Mommy!”

He was not going to let that bad guy, Jared, sleep with his mother! He figured that his foster father would not have a chance with his mother anymore if he were to let that happen!

However, Jared taunted him with a look of indifference on his face. “You’ve grown up and you don’t have to sleep with your mother anymore. She’s my wife, and she’ll be sleeping with me.”

Then, he hugged Nicole even tighter as if he was doing that deliberately just to provoke Nolan.

“Hey!” Nolan got angry, ready to say something.

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