MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 1960-Samuel noticed something was not right and immediately held Nolan up. “Hey, let’s not meddle with your parents’ affairs. Come on, I’ll show you my basketball that has Kobe Bryant’s autograph on it!”

“No…” Nolan struggled.

However, Spencer proceeded to follow them and block his view. And just like that, Nolan was taken away by two of Nicole’s brothers.

For some reason, Nicole was relieved after Nolan had left. She really did not want the father and son to argue in front of her family anymore…

After that, they continued to chat. Daniel and Gloria went on to ask where Nicole had been living all these years and what she had gone through, during which Nicole would answer them while avoiding the heavier topics. Meanwhile, throughout it all, Jared listened quietly at the side as if he was looking for some clues.

At night, the family had a reunion dinner together. Nolan got tired soon after, whereupon the nanny took him to the nursery upstairs to get some sleep.

Nicole’s brothers noticed that it was getting late, and not wanting to take up Nicole and Jared’s time together anymore, Stanley walked them to their room and left…

With the room door shut, Nicole finally had the chance to ask Jared, “Your house is just next door and there are so many empty rooms there. Did you really have to squeeze in here with me?”

‘This is my first day reuniting with my family, and yet he just wouldn’t give me some time alone with them. He’s even forcing me to sleep on the sofa. How heartless of him,’ she thought.

“We’re a married couple to your parents, after all. They might be worried if we were to live separately, don’t you think?” He lifted his brows and asked, his words leaving Nicole speechless.

Even though it was just her first time seeing her parents, she could tell how much her disappearance all those years had affected them, judging by the exhausted looks on their faces.

So, Nicole figured that she should avoid adding to their emotional burdens.

However, she rolled her eyes at Jared anyway. “Quit making excuses.”

She was left with no choice, so she pushed the door open and went inside.

Indeed, the room was spacious, and the bed was huge. However, there were no couches in the room!

“No couches?!” Nicole panicked.

There, she discovered that her plan had been ruined.

Jared turned around and saw the disappointed expression

on Nicole’s face, and that was when he figured out what she was planning to do.

He smirked at her, and playfully, he said, “Huh? Were you planning to sleep on the sofa?”

Nicole glowered at him. “What are the other options?”

It was just impossible for her to not think of a way to sleep in a separate space from the guy who would forcibly kiss her.

“Unfortunately, there’s no couch. But the bed is pretty big.”

Jared was pleased. He was glad that Nicole had chosen to stay here. Otherwise, he would not know when he would have the chance to share a bed with her.

Nicole looked at him in annoyance, and deep down, she was fighting the urge to tell him that she was not going to share a bed with him no matter how big it was. However, the bedroom had a modern design to it, and there was no carpet at all. So, she would not even be able to sleep on the floor.

Then, she stepped forward angrily and drew a line on the bed with the blanket.

“You’ll sleep on that side, and I’ll sleep on this side. Don’t cross the line!” she warned.

Jared could not help but chuckle after seeing that familiar gesture; Nicole had done the exact same thing when he had sneaked into her house to sleep with her years ago.

Nicole was stunned after seeing the warm and gentle smile that had suddenly crossed Jared’s face. ‘What’s going on?

Why is he looking at me and smiling like that?’

‘Why are you smiling?” She collected herself and asked as her heart raced.

“Because of you. You did the same thing back then, but it never worked on me,” he replied.

Then, after uttering those words, he suddenly pushed Nicole onto the bed.

Before Nicole could react, she was already pinned down on the bed. Jared then clasped both of her hands above her head.

“Jared Johnston! What are you doing?!” she shouted.

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