MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 1961-‘What a jerk! I knew nothing good was going to happen if I shared a room with him! Still, I did not expect him to be so aggressive!’

She did not believe that Jared would do anything to her in her own house. And despite the look of resistance on Nicole’s face, Jared still looked at her affectionately.

He then took a deep breath and said, “If I really wanted to do something to you, I wouldn’t have waited until now.”

He did not like Nicole being afraid of him.

Nicole calmed down a little, but she still angrily asked, “Why did you pin me down like this then?”

Jared’s eyes were like a whirlpool, rearing to suck her in.

All of a sudden, he released her hands and hugged her tightly. He rested his chin on her shoulder and laid beside her. In a flash, their position switched to one where he embraced her.

Nicole’s breath seemed to stop at that moment, and all she could smell was the faint fragrance of cologne lingering on his person.

‘I’m going crazy. I’ve only met him a few times, but I think he…. smells amazing!’ she thought.

Even though Nicole was shocked, she did not resist.

Jared then drew a deep breath as if he wanted to fully embrace Nicole’s entire existence.

“You’re finally back… It’s been five years, and I’ve not stopped thinking about the feeling of hugging you,” he said.

Indeed, he had really missed moments like these.

However, he never had the chance to clarify things with her or get close to her. But today, Nicole finally got to learn about their relationship prior to her memory loss, and this made him feel a lot better.

The Jared that Nicole had seen in the past few days was always ruthless and scheming, but the current version of him seemed to be plagued by loneliness and longing.

Nicole felt sorry for him, but she pushed him away anyway.” Even though this might make you feel very bad… I really have no memories of us. What you’re doing now is making me feel really uncomfortable.”

Jared flashed a bitter smile after noticing the serious expression on Nicole’s face.

Then, he slowly let go of her, “Okay. I promise that I won’t touch you again tonight. You can sleep in peace.”

For a moment, Nicole was not expecting things to go so smoothly at all.

“However, the condition is we have to share the blanket and sleep together.” He smirked.

His words might have sounded perverted, but a triumphant smile appeared on his face like he was a little boy who had gotten away with something.

Nicole was left speechless at that moment, and with that, she allowed him to drape the blanket over them both.

To get the man’s promise was of utmost importance, and she believed that Jared would be a man of his word. Still, Nicole did not take a shower, and above all, she did not have the courage to remove her clothes with him around. Overwhelmed by exhaustion, she fell asleep shortly after.

However, she did not know that Jared had been looking at her all the time. He did not dare to sleep at all, for he was afraid that he would lose her again once he closed his eyes.

As the night progressed, Nicole had a dream, one she had consistently been having for the past five years. There, she was surrounded by water, desperately dragging someone along in order to swim out of the cabin.

Finally, she saw daylight as she dragged the person onto the water’s surface. Then, she placed him on a piece of debris. By that point, however, she was drained, and that was when she slowly sank back down into the depths.

The suffocating sensation woke her up, and suddenly, she saw a handsome face mere inches away from hers, taking her aback.

It had been five years and she had never managed to catch a clear look of that man in her dream. When she saw Jared’s face, however, she realized that the shapes of their faces were perfectly identical.

‘Could he be the man that I have been trying to save in my dream?’ she asked herself. ‘Was I not alone in that plane crash five years ago, but with him?!’

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