MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 1963-“Alright, I’ll get ready then. I’ll be heading there tonight.” Nicole agreed.

“It’s settled, then. Jared, please take care of Nicole,” Gloria said, leaving it all to Jared, as she was not in the mood to worry about these things.

“Alright, I got it.”

After all, it would be great for Nicole to attend family gatherings. Even if it was just a minor gathering, Jared would arrange the outfits for her, as well as a slew of other things to be prepared.

However, Nicole looked doubtful. Tm just going home. What is there to prepare?’

At that moment, Sean said, “It’s getting late. Mom and dad? I’ll head to the office for work now.”

“Alright.” Gloria nodded.

Steve and the rest then took turns bidding their goodbyes before leaving for work.

Before he stepped out, Samuel said to Nolan, “Nolan, I am giving you permission to play my computer games when I’m not around. However, you must take good care of your eyes, alright?”

“I got it. Thank you, Uncle Samuel.” Nolan nodded and smiled.

One could tell that Nolan was extremely fond of Samuel.

Hearing that, Nicole muttered, “You’re too young to play games.”

In response, Nolan snorted. “Video games are so lame. I prefer hacking…”

A look of bafflement appeared on Nicole’s face at once.

Sure enough, she could not speak to her kid the way she could other kids his age. There were times when Nicole would suspect that Nolan was a teenager living in the body of a 5-year-old. His thinking was so much more mature than hers.

Now that Nicole’s brothers had all left, Gloria watched as Nicole and Jared sipped on their coffee.

Then, she said, “Although Nicole has lost her memories, both of you had prepared a wedding reception five years ago. Everything had been prepared. Perhaps, the both of you should think of a suitable time and decide on the date.”

Nicole had not returned after she left the house five years ago.

Because of that incident, Gloria had since been filled with regret. ‘I should have held the wedding first. That way, I would not have felt sorry for anything.’

Now that Nicole had returned, Gloria wanted to make up for all the regrets from that year.

“Wedding?” Nicole asked, surprised.

Tve only known this man for a few days, and they’re talking about marriage already? Okay, even if that decision had been made by him and the old me, I still find it hard to accept this reality,’ she thought.

“About that…mum…’ Nicole paused.

She was still not accustomed to calling Gloria mom, so those words came out of her mouth rather awkwardly.

Gloria immediately turned toward Nicole. “Nicole, what’s wrong?”

Nicole looked at Gloria awkwardly, after which she mustered the courage to say, “Mom, I don’t remember a lot of things from the past. I can’t get married to him just like that. At least not before I regain my memories.”

The recent events were all just too much for Nicole to take in. She did not know how to address any of the issues.

Gloria stared at Nicole. Tm well aware that Nicole has lost her memory, but to me, she is still my child. Still, I think I might have ignored Nicole’s feelings.’

At that thought, Gloria tapped Nicole’s hands, “I understand. You can take your time to recover your memories, but

Jared. Well, Jared has been waiting for you for five years now.”

While speaking, Gloria turned to look at Jared affectionately. “When you were gone for the last five years, your dad and I were totally devastated. All of your brothers were also distracted in their work and studies. But then, Jared took care of everything at home. He was always there, helping with a lot of things in our company. At that time, we were all in despair, and none of us thought that you would ever return. However, he has never given up on you. He never gave up on us either.”

When Nicole heard this, she remained silent. She had been thinking that Jared was her creditor, a demon, and a villain of sorts. She had never expected him to have done so much for her over the past five years.

At that moment, Nicole felt conflicted. ‘It’s true. For a man who is so close to perfection, he actually stayed single and waited for me for five years. Relationships like these are rare.’

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