MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 1966-Looking at Nicole’s reaction, Jared wanted to tease her even more. “Why are you so afraid of me getting this close to you? Is your heart… beating wildly?”

Jared stared at Nicole in the mirror and his eyes were seductive.

Nicole shivered under Jared’s stare. She could not take it anymore, so she quickly turned to the side and took a sip of water. She dared not turn back to Jared’s side. “I think it’s almost time. Let’s go.”

Jared smiled, and did not continue disturbing her. “Yeah, let’s go.”

Nicole nodded and her gaze shifted to the kid’s room. “What about Nolan? Should we bring him along?”

Jared shook his head. “I don’t think we should. You’ll need some getting used to the place. There’s no need to bring the kids along to experience an unfamiliar place yet. We’ll bring him next time.”

Nicole knew that what Jared said made sense. Afterall, Nolan had been playing with Tia the whole day and they seemed to get along well. There was nothing for Nicole to be worried about. So, she got into the car with Jared.

The car slowly drove out of the house. Nicole stared at the scenery outside and emotions filled her.

Leo only knew that Nicole had an enemy in that country, but he did not know that her family was also there. She only went to the country once, and she had been back to the Riddle family already. That was such an unexpected fate.

Thinking of her enemy, Nicole looked at Jared.

If Jared was not her enemy… Then, who could it be?

After giving it some thought, Nicole asked, “Do I have any enemies here?”

Jared raised his eyebrow slightly and looked at her. “Why do you say so?”

Nicole did not intend to hide anything, so she tried to recall her memories and said, “Five years ago, I visited here in an attempt to regain my memory. However, I was attacked by someone. After that, for my kid’s sake, I had never returned.”

Jared’s eyes filled with emotion.

That year, he could not find any trace of Nicole. How could anyone else have found her?

But Jared still answered her question. “You definitely have a few enemies.”

Nicole immediately choked. After a while, she said, “It’s not just one?”

“Of course.” She was the owner of the Crest. On top of that, she killed one of The Raven’s members before she went missing. It was possible that they were still seeking revenge.

“I see.” Nicole remained silent. She did not know what else to ask.

“Don’t worry. Now that I know about this, I’ll make sure to find out who attacked you five years ago and teach them a lesson.” The expression on Jared’s face obviously implied that he was trying to find someone’s fault.

Nicole felt touched by it. “I don’t really care if that person was taught a lesson. I just want to know who they are.

Furthermore, if I were to return here with my kids in the future, I’d want to ensure that they’re safe.”

As a mother, this was the biggest worry Nicole had.

Jared stared at Nicole. “Don’t worry. I’ll send my men to protect you wherever you go. I won’t allow anyone to hurt you or the kids.”

Nicole looked at Jared and felt a lot more relaxed in her heart.

‘I have to admit that Jared is a responsible man. He’s nice to the kids too.

‘Forget it. What am I thinking about?

‘I should take care of important things first.’

Soon, they had arrived at the Riddle family manor.

When Nicole got out of the car, she noticed that there were quite a number of cars at the house. It seemed like there were quite a lot of people there.

As Jared led Nicole in, he explained, “You have three uncles. For such occasions, your uncles, aunties and cousins would

all be here.”

“Oh.” Nicole nodded. Then, she hurriedly asked, “How was my relationship with them?”

Jared paused for a moment and smiled. “Barely great.”

Nicole was a smart cookie. She immediately understood what Jared meant.

From the looks of it, they might be her relatives, but they were not really close.

Unexpectedly, Jared added, “Five years ago, you were the one who suggested to split up the company shares and also separate the company’s operations. You even sent two of your female cousins abroad. Another female cousin also turned into a paraplegic after shooting a movie with you-“

“Hold up! Hold up!” When Nicole heard what Jared had said, she was shocked. “Oh my God. Everything you just said, did I really do all those things?”

Jared teased her, “Of course. Now, those two cousins you sent abroad had already gotten married. And it seems like that paraplegic cousin is coming back today.”


‘What kind of family gathering is this? This is more like a trap!

‘Those who are here are all my enemies!’

At that moment, she finally understood what Jared meant when he said that she had a few enemies.

She had practically offended everyone.

“Was I… like, really short-tempered before?” Other than this, Nicole had no idea why she did all those things.

Jared could tell that Nicole was worried. He smiled and held her hand. “No, they were in the wrong.”

Those simple words actually had the power to calm Nicole down.

Even if she could not believe in those words fully, it still gave her some comfort.

Hopefully, the old me really did not harm people on purpose.’

Soon, the both of them entered the living room.

As expected, all the members of the Riddle family were there when they reached the living room.

Once Damien saw Nicole, he was stunned…

It had been five years. He really thought that Nicole would be dead by now. But she actually came back!

“How’s this possible?” Miley stared at Nicole with wide eyes.

At the side, Karen also commented, “She looks exactly the same…”

Initially, Karen thought that Daniel had found someone to act as Nicole. But unexpectedly, it really was Nicole!

Dillon was also surprised, and he seemed to be in disbelief.” This is impossible…”

When Nicole went missing, her company shares were

temporarily returned to Mr. Riddle Sr.

The Riddle brothers thought they could get some of the shares once Mr. Riddle Sr. died.

But Nicole actually returned at such a crucial time.

If it was the real Nicole, then what share would they even get?

Only Aunt Emma approached Nicole. “Nicole, it’s really you! It’s been five years. We all thought that something happened to you. It’s great to have you back!”

“That’s right. Our family is finally reunited again.” Dexter was nodding on one side.

Nicole could tell that this couple were nice people.

At that moment, Preston and Alex also ran up and approached Nicole. ‘ Nicole! You’re really back!”

“Yes! This is great news!” Preston smiled happily and glanced at Jared.

He initially thought that Jared would keep it a secret for a while. It was unexpected for Jared to make such a move.

Luckily, Mr. Riddle Sr. survived. Otherwise, Nicole would have regretted it her whole life.

At that moment, a mean voice came from one side.” Brother, are you actually stupid or are you just pretending to be? All this while she had never returned, and yet, she appeared at such a crucial time. Isn’t she here just to get some shares?”

Raine was putting on lipstick while saying those words coldly.

Beside her was a handsome man.

At one glance, one would know that he was her husband.

Sure enough, that man echoed Raine’s words. “That’s right! For someone who had never appeared over the past five years, she chose to appear at this time. She must have something up her sleeves.”

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