MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 1968-Mr. Riddle Sr. had been sick for two to three years now and it had been getting worse recently. It seemed like he would not be able to withstand it any longer.

Nicole knew that she had some medical skills, but she did not expect herself to be this good at it. ‘So, I used to take care of Grandpa?’

At that thought, Nicole slowly said, “Grandpa, don’t think too much. Your body seems strange. I’ll bring someone to do a body check on you tomorrow and we’ll see from there.”

As Nicole said that, Mr. Riddle Sr. was stunned. “Are you saying that I still have some hope to live?”

Nicole glanced at everyone around her and remained silent.

Mr. Riddle Sr. immediately understood and sighed loudly on purpose. “We’ll leave it to fate to decide. You shouldn’t worry too much either.”

“Alright.” Nicole seemed to be calm as she nodded.

The rest did not notice it, but Jared could tell from Nicole’s interaction with her grandpa that something was off.

After they had finished talking about Mr. Riddle Sr.’s condition, Karen got impatient. “Dad, the butler said that your body is getting weaker day by day. Dillon, Damien and Dexter had been managing the company over the past two to three years. Perhaps it’s also time for you to hand over

your shares.”

Once Karen spoke, Damien instantly glared at her. ‘This wench only cares about the shares!’

Sure enough, Mr. Riddle Sr. got angry too. “I’m not dead yet, and you’re eying my shares already! Do you have no conscience?”

Previously, whenever Karen got scolded, she would just show dissatisfaction on her face. This time, she replied to Mr. Riddle Sr. disdainfully, “Well, I know your body is still strong. But we should all prepare for the worst, right?”

“Shut your mouth!” Dillon immediately yelled at Karen as he could not bear to hear her offending people anymore.

It was only then did Karen stop talking. However, she still glared at Dillon with dissatisfaction.

At this moment, Damien said, “Dad, the branch office has been doing well. You can just focus on your recovery.”

Although Damien had his own goals as well, he was not in a hurry. He dared not anger Mr. Riddle Sr.

On the other hand, Dillon stopped Karen but deep down, he was actually anxious. “Damien, I don’t think you’re right. There are so many members of the family. If we don’t prepare for the worst, the family will never be in harmony. Of course we’d want dad to live a long life, but isn’t it better to make a will?” Even though he stopped Karen, he still wanted some sort of security.

“Y-you unfilial child!” Mr. Riddle Sr. was angered by Dillon’s words. A surge of anger instantly rose in his chest, and he coughed aggressively. “Cough! Cough!”

Nicole immediately took out a few silver needles which she had and poked it into a few meridian points. Then, Mr.

Riddle Sr. could finally take a breath.

Daniel and the rest let out a sigh of relief. Sure enough, as long as Nicole was around, the whole family would be at peace.

Although Nicole wanted to keep it a secret, she was agitated by the way Dillon was forcing things. So, she immediately said, “Don’t worry. With me here, Grandpa won’t die anytime soon. He could live for 10 or 20 more years. Please keep that greed within yourself.”

As soon as those words came out of Nicole’s mouth, the whole family was stunned. “W-what nonsense are you talking about now?”

“Who do you think you are? Even if you have medical skills, you’re not a doctor. A few days back, the doctor had already asked us to prepare for the worst…” Miley responded in the heat of the moment.

Once those words came out of her mouth, Mr. Riddle Sr. was shocked. “What did you just say?”

‘So, the actual reason behind why they’ve been visiting me so diligently is because they knew that I was going to die soon?’

Seeing that everything was being revealed, Damien quickly shot a look at Miley.

But at that moment, he could only tell the truth. “Dad, a few days back, the doctor had already informed us. I’m afraid you don’t have much time left…”

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