MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 1969-When he realized that his family was hoping for his death, the shame made Mr. Riddle Sr. angry.

“I won’t believe any of you, excluding Nicole. Nicole, tell me honestly, how much longer do I have?” Mr. Riddle Sr. had already come to terms with the idea of death due to his old age. However, he never once thought these ungrateful bastards were praying for his death. Instantly, anger surged within him, and he was determined to stay alive to spite them all.

The indignant expression on Mr. Riddle Sr.’s face made Nicole smile. “Grandpa, you’ll be fine. I’ll cure you, so you’ll live as long as you want.”

Upon Nicole’s promise, Mr. Riddle Sr. regained his confidence and chuckled. “Alright, I believe in you! I’ll get better and live my life!”

Karen and the others turned green in envy as Nicole brought encouragement to Mr. Riddle Sr. He even seemed to have a better complexion after hearing Nicole’s supportive words. It had been five years since Mr. Riddle Sr. took back the shares he had given to Nicole. Since then, everyone had been waiting for him to redistribute the shares.

No one anticipated Nicole’s return, since it posed a problem to them. The situation worsened because if Nicole did not want the shares now, Mr. Riddle Sr. would not give the shares to Nicole in the short term. If Mr. Riddle Sr. was

willing to make a will, or even without one, Karen and the others would undoubtedly receive something. However, by the looks of it, the shares would go back to Nicole if Mr. Riddle Sr. did not pass away.

As expected, after taking a few breaths, Mr. Riddle Sr. announced, “Don’t pretend like I don’t know what you’re after. You’re just coveting the shares I took back from Nicole, right? Well, let me tell you this. I’ll give Nicole her shares back now that she’s returned since I gave them to her when she was here! Don’t you even think about it!”

As opposed to Dexter and Daniel, who preferred a quiet life, Mr. Riddle Sr. had now realized that Dillion and Damien’s families were nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Raine was on edge as soon as she heard this, exclaiming,” Grandpa! How could you be so biased toward her?!”

Mr. Riddle Sr. had already been biased toward Nicole five years ago. Raine did not receive any shares when she got married, so she thought she would get a part this time.

However, it turned out that Mr. Riddle Sr. was going to give it to Nicole anyway.

“I can give the shares to anyone I want since they’re mine. Get out if you can’t bear this situation!” Mr. Riddle Sr. was slowly losing his patience.

Nicole quickly tried to calm him down in a silky tone.” Grandpa, don’t get so worked up.”

Mr. Riddle Sr. calmed down slightly after Nicole’s reassurance. At this moment, Daniel’s expression turned

grim. He said while looking at Dillion, Damien, and their wives. “You should step out first to let Dad calm down.”

Dillion, feeling resentful, reluctantly went out with his family. They believed they would have gotten some substantial benefits today, but they left empty-handed.

Despite having no recollections of them, Nicole had a general idea of the family’s dynamics, judging by today’s situation.

After the other families departed, Mr. Riddle Sr. looked at Nicole. “Hang in there, child. I know my body’s condition is failing. But, your words earlier gave me some peace of mind. r»

Now, Damien and Dillion would probably stop rushing Mr. Riddle Sr. anymore.

Nicole shook her head as she realized Mr. Riddle Sr. thought she was joking about saving him. “Grandpa, I wasn’t just reassuring you. I truly have confidence in curing you.”

Nicole had no memory of learning medicine, but she indeed had knowledge of it. Besides, she had confidence in curing her grandfather’s condition. Jared knew Nicole’s abilities, so naturally he believed in her.

Mr. Riddle Sr.’s spirit brightened. He replied, “Are you telling the truth?” He initially thought Nicole was merely trying to protect him by putting on a show. He did not expect her to have genuine confidence in his survival.

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