MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 1970-“Emm… Your symptoms are rather weird, to be honest. Grandpa, have you been taking any medications regularly before you got sick?” Nicole asked.

Mr. Riddle Sr. set his gaze on his butler after Nicole’s reminder. His butler thought for a moment before taking out a bottle of medication from the table’s drawer. “Mr. Riddle Sr. has been taking medications for his cerebrovascular condition for the past two years. Even after falling ill, the doctor continued the prescription.”

Nicole frowned and took the bottle of medication. She poured out a pill and crushed it. When she sniffed it, she sensed something amiss. “I’ll take this away. I believe a lab test will reveal something.”

The butler and Mr. Riddle Sr. were slightly taken aback.” There’s something wrong with this medication?”

Nicole nodded. “I’m sure of it, though I can’t tell the exact composition. After identifying the composition, I’m confident I can cure Grandpa.”

The family members found solace in Nicole’s words. Nicole was their beacon of hope. Their family was once again filled with hope now that she was back.

“Nicole, where have you been for the past five years?” Mr. Riddle Sr. asked. He missed her a lot over the years. After the Riddle family returned under his control, things gradually

lost the former glory that Nicole brought. The situation would have been worse if not for Jared’s assistance. Mr. Riddle Sr. thought there was no more hope left in his life.

Realizing his anticipation of her, Nicole felt guilty.

Sean could not stand seeing Nicole burdened. So he stepped forwards, saying, “Grandpa, the islanders rescued Nicole after the plane crash. However, she hadn’t come home all this time because she suffered from amnesia.”

Mr. Riddle Sr. was stunned. “Amnesia?”

‘What was that possible? From the moment Nicole entered the room, she seemed just as she was before,’ Mr. Riddle Sr. thought.

Nicole nodded her head with a helpless expression. “That’s right. I forgot all my memories. However, the feeling of being with family can’t be wrong.”

It was instinctual for her to protect her family. Even though she felt like this was her first meeting with Mr. Riddle Sr., she could not help but defend him.

Mr. Riddle Sr. never expected Nicole to lose all her memories, as she had not displayed any signs of memory loss since she entered the room. In his eyes, she was still the composed Nicole from before. Pondering over this, Mr. Riddle Sr. asked, “Who else knows about Nicole’s memory loss?”

Daniel understood Mr. Riddle Sr.’s meaning and whispered,” The matter hasn’t been revealed to anyone else. Apart from my family, neither Damien nor Dillion is aware.”

Mr. Riddle nodded. “That’s good. You guys should go and take care of this matter these two days and return the shares to Nicole as soon as possible.”

Nicole was taken aback. “Grandpa, urn… That doesn’t seem appropriate, right?”

Even though she owned the company’s shares in the past, it had been five years since she last returned. Along with that, she did not remember anything. It was impossible for her to manage the company again.

“Why not? Five years ago, we separated the companies on your advice. That was how the headquarters managed to survive for these few years, without the subsidiary companies dragging us down. I’m well aware of your abilities in this area. You’re all grown up now. You should hurry up and take over the company since you’ve finally returned.”

Five years ago, Mr. Riddle had been anticipating Nicole’s graduation and her days of managing the company.

However, Nicole went missing. Now that she was back, Mr. Riddle Sr. could not wait any longer for her to take over the company.

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