MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 1971-“But, Grandpa, I don’t know anything about business management,” Nicole voiced her insecurities.

Sean and Steve looked at her. Steve said, “Nicole, where did your confidence go? You used to be decisive and capable during your high school days. Despite your lack of business management expertise, every choice you made prevented crises for the company. Now that you’re back, it’s time to take over. Sean and I can teach you if you need help.”

“That’s right. Everyone has been hoping for your return,” Stanley added with a smile. After all, when it came to dealing with their uncles, neither of them possessed Nicole’s decisiveness. They had been stifled by restriction all these years.

Nicole felt overwhelmed by everything that had happened these few days. It felt like a dream. ‘I just met this family, and now they want me to inherit a company? I hadn’t given my true identity a thought in the past five years of wandering the streets. I had no idea I was a multimillionaire heiress with an inheritance.’

Feeling immense pressure, Nicole replied, “I had just only gotten back. Let me think about it first.”

Noticing Nicole’s stress, Gloria heartily chimed in, “Dad, Nicole just only reunited with her family. Let her take some time before discussing this matter.”

Mr. Riddle Sr. did not want to push Nicole too hard and compromised. “Alright. If that’s the case, you should take a week off. We’ll discuss this next week.”

Mr. Riddle Sr. had no choice but to give Nicole a week’s time to think about this matter. Nicole remained silent as she could sense the urgency in her grandfather’s tone. The two families before were not easy to deal with, and the company had always been in a difficult situation.

“I got it, Grandpa. Wait till I work out what’s going on in the company. I’ll make my way there as soon as possible.”

If Mr. Riddle Sr. and her family trusted her, she would not let them down.

Jared watched Nicole closely. Even though she had lost her memories, she was still his confident and strong-willed woman.

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you out,” Jared reassured. He held her hand, soothing her.

Nicole glanced at Jared by her side, unexpectedly finding some comfort in his words. After visiting Mr. Riddle Sr., everyone went downstairs as he grew tired.

After they got downstairs, Janus took the bottle of medication from Nicole’s hand and went to have it tested. Nicole did not stop him. With Jared’s connections in the country, his approach would be faster than her personally going to the hospital for testing.

Daniel looked worriedly at Nicole. “Nicole, these few days may be tough for you if you’re returning to the company next week. Besides understanding the company’s situation and knowing the business partners, you should also…”

Nicole turned to look at Daniel after his last sentence. “Is there something else going on?”

Daniel replied, To be frank, in the five years you were missing, we announced to the outside world that Jared was protecting you and you would not be managing the company. Many suspected your absence, wondering if you were missing or in trouble. The company’s partners has gradually decreased as well. So before you take over next week, you should host a banquet and announce your return, emphasizing that you’ll inherit and take over the company.”

The Riddle family had been looking forward to this day for far too long. Nicole never expected a banquet, as she was bad at socializing. “This… I’m not good at this.”

Jared interjected, “Uncle, rest assured and make the arrangements. I’ll go with Nicole and make sure she doesn’t slip up.”

Jared understood Daniel’s intentions, and he did not want Nicole to encounter any problems. Daniel breathed a sigh of relief. “Good to hear. Thank you for your hard work, Jared.”

Nicole watched as the two of them finished their plans and kept her thoughts to herself.

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