MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 1973-If Nolan had not returned to Hustuaburg, Nicole might have never returned until her kids were grown up. Her parents would have grown older by then, and she would have had no idea how the business would be doing.

Jared’s expression instantly grew cold, but he looked at Nicole tenderly. “Someone attacked you?”

Hearing Nicole mention she almost had a miscarriage, Jared’s eyes turned red. ‘Did you figure out who it was?”

Nicole shook her head. “I lost my memories. How could I possibly know?”

Jared’s gaze became downcast. The Raven had been dealt with, and the matters overseas had come to an end after retrieving Brave. Jared wondered who could have attacked Nicole. With that thought in mind, he asked about a more pressing matter. “Is the Fire Crest still with you?”

Nicole replied with her eyebrows raised. “Fire Crest? What’s that?”

As Jared expected, it seemed like the Fire Chest was lost. Turning back and looking into Nicole’s innocent eyes, he decided not to bring the matter up again. Since Nicole had already forgotten about it, he did not want to burden her by telling her now.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Nicole looked at him curiously.

Jared simply shook his head, saying, “There’s no need. You don’t even know about it, so it must be missing. If it’s lost, then let it be.”

After all, Jared always thought that the Crest was dangerous. Maybe the people who attacked Nicole five years ago were after Fire Crest. It was better now that it was gone. He would investigate its whereabouts and whether it had changed hands before bringing this matter up again.

Nicole did not press Jared further as she observed Jared’s peculiar expression.

Mr. Riddle Sr. had given Nicole a week’s time to prepare. Thus, Nicole planned to bring Lana back from Romania the next day.

However, she did not expect someone to ring the doorbell of the Riddle family’s house early the next morning. The people having breakfast exchanged skeptical glances before Daniel instructed the butler to bring the person in. To their surprise, a pretty little girl dressed in a pink gown burst into the room.

Upon seeing the little girl, Nolan was the first to react. “Lana! ■

He instantly slid off his chair and rushed toward his younger sister. “Lana, how did you get here?”

Lana looked at her brother and glared at him with a pout.” What do you think?! Mommy did not come to pick me up because you brought her back here!”

Nolan was reduced to silence by Lana’s retort. Although Nolan had no fears, he dreaded Lana’s tears. And true enough, Lana’s eyes welled up with an anguished look at this precise time.

“H-Hey! Don’t cry! I didn’t do it on purpose. I just wanted to watch the hacker’s competition…”

“So you’ll let me wait for Mommy alone overseas? I waited so long…” Lana’s innocent voice filled with pity. The more she spoke, the sadder she became.

Nicole’s heart melted as she hurriedly picked up Lana, comforting her. “I’m so sorry, Lana. Mommy let you down. I broke my promise since I didn’t go pick you up in three days.”

This was the first time that Nicole had been separated from Lana for so many days. Lana hugged Nicole’s neck tightly, her voice so sweet and childish. “I missed you so much, Mommy!”

With a teardrop, like a falling pearl, everyone’s heart was instantly melted by her behavior.

Jared felt his heart melt as he stared at the beautifully delicate little girl.

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