MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 1974-‘Is this the little princess Nicole gave birth to? She’s so adorable,’ Jared thought. He stepped forward and got closer to them.

Sensing a stranger approaching, Lana looked over at Jared. Just one look and her big eyes lit up. “Who’s this handsome uncle?”

Hearing Lana call him handsome, Jared could not contain his joy and his mouth curved into a smile. “I’m your…”

Just as Jared was about to say he was her father, Nicole suddenly interrupted him. “You should not call him a handsome uncle. You’re talking nonsense again. Call him Uncle Jared.”

Everyone at the table exchanged looks upon hearing Nicole ask her daughter to call Jared ‘uncle’. But no one said anything about it.

Jared’s expression turned ugly, thinking, Tm the father of the child. How could she call me uncle?’

At the side, Nolan said pleasantly, “That’s right. He’s Uncle Jared.”

Jared had a disapproving look on his face.

Lana, on the other hand, flashed a brilliant smile. “Hi! Handsome Uncle Jared!”

Indeed, daughters would always be Daddy’s sweetheart.

Jared’s darkened expression softened instantly. “Hello. Even if you call me uncle, it sounds so nice.”

How could Jared still be unhappy?

Nicole was a little awkward, looking at Jared’s behavior.’ Why is he so happy when she called him uncle?’

Putting her thoughts aside, Nicole asked Lana, “Lana, How did you come here? Who brought you here?”

“Uncle Ian!” Lana pointed in the door’s direction. Ian was waiting at the entrance.

Nicole felt relieved upon seeing Ian. “Thank you, Ian.”

Jared’s expression turned sour as he saw Nicole being so friendly toward the other man. After all, Ian was the one who was going to take Nicole away at the airport. Since then, Ian was an eyesore to Jared.

“You’re too polite, Niki. Leo ordered me to send Lana here,” Ian replied.

Hearing this, Nicole raised her eyebrow. “Leo? He’s here too? N

Nolan’s eyes lit up when he heard Leo was present. “Is

Godpa here too?”

After a brief period of embarrassment, Nicole was suddenly relieved to learn that Leo was present. “Why didn’t Leo come in since he’s here?”

Jared’s eyes became downcast when he heard Leo’s name. This codename gave him an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Ian pretended to be in a difficult spot and looked at Nicole.” Mr. Leo said he knows you are in safe hands and didn’t want to disturb your reunion with your family.”

“He won’t be disturbing anyone! I want to see Godpa!” Nolan said. He thought, ‘If Godpa doesn’t come soon, Mommy would be taken away.’

With that in mind, Nolan rushed out.

’Nolan!” Nicole called out to her child, but Nolan had already rushed out. Nicole could only put Lana down to chase after Nolan.

However, Jared grabbed her and said, “Since he’s here, why don’t you introduce me to Nolan’s Godfather?”

Nicole could feel Jared emanating a powerful aura, chilling the room. Jared’s aura was too strong, and Nicole feared the gentle Leo could not handle him.

Soon, Nolan brought Leo in. All eyes turned to see a man with blue eyes and gold-rimmed glasses walking into the house. He wore a white suit, exuding a pure aura, and had an unmistakable sense of nobility.

Jared’s eyes immediately squinted suspiciously when he saw Leo. His information previously was accurate, but he had some doubts about it. After really meeting the person, Jared found that the man he investigated was indeed Lawrence.

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